Testimony by Chris Martin Who Received Stem Cell Treatment for ENS from Dr. Das

Chris Martin, author of “Having Nasal Surgery? Don’t You Become an Empty Nose Victim!”  http://www.amazon.com/Having-Nasal-Surgery-Become-Victim/dp/1583851976 posted this testimony on the Facebook “Empty Nose Syndrome Awareness” site today. 

I had stem cell injections on Wednesday, March 16th with Dr. Das. I decided to pursue this because, although I thought the small right septal implant offered some benefit, which Dr. Houser had implanted in 2006-2010, I felt it primarily offered form (such as increased nasal airflow resistance, increased moisture and heat retention), but NOT function. My right nostril still felt quite dead. No nerve sensation. Fatigue/brain fog, etc. It has been drier than normal, although not debilitatingly dry. And I was impressed by the Chinese study of 30 patients in which clear benefit was demonstrated upon biopsy of these patients.

To those who don’t know my specific nasal anatomy, I have 10% of the right IT remaining, 30% of the left IT remaining, and both of my middle turbinates are fully removed.

Now I should make this disclaimer: what I will share about my experiences should not be used as a guide to determine whether to pursue stem cell injections or not. I would encourage you to do so, but that’s an individual choice and I wouldn’t want someone to pursue it because “Chris Martin said it would benefit me” and then not have the same outcome. Rather, I would encourage you to look at our collective “trial” experiences, as each of the 4 or 5 people in the trial might have a different experience or different insights into how it helped or didn’t help.

Furthermore, I would point out that I am trying to do everything possible to facilitate the maximum benefit from having humidified air through my nose for 8 hours per day with a humidified CPAP, to using a highly moisturizing saline rinse (Breathe Ease) with the Hydro Pulse, in addition to eating very healthy and drinking a ton of water and even coconut water. I even have my herbalist sending me some herbs to promote nerve regeneration (Lion’s Mane).

So far, I feel very encouraged by the early results from the stem cell injections. I seem to have already improved functioning to my mucosa, primarily with respect to nerve regeneration. Specifically, I have noticed an improved sense of smell (easy to tell by closing my left nostril and sniffing through my right/dead nostril), improved sensation of air, and thinner, more moist mucus. Because of the improved sensation, I seem to have more energy and think quicker, even when I have had two lousy nights of sleep in a row! I felt more functional. I don’t get the dizzy feeling I used to have when I breathe in through my nose hard and I don’t feel run down. That’s been the huge difference for me so far, and I know it is not just a placebo effect, even though I am a positive person. Further, I didn’t have a headache upon awakening from a nap this Sunday, which I would typically have when not using a CPAP.

As for if there is more moisture in there, I am not sure. Moisture isn’t my biggest problem anyhow. The mucus does seem thinner on the right side, which might be because of the increased nerve functioning. Nor am I sure if breathing feels much different; sometimes it feels more moist while other times it does not while other times the small right septal implant feels annoying, as if there is too little air going through my right side. Not that I want to act on that right now, as I need to keep observing.

In any case, I am cautiously optimistic that this could be a life-changing procedure for me and just hope the nerve regeneration is permanent.

I won’t be able to correspond much on this at all, as my next few days are extremely busy and I don’t have access to Facebook for 70% of the day, but I will provide an update at a later time. I also grant anyone to share this post at the emptynosesyndrome.org forum or anywhere else you would like.

I felt very comfortable and confident with Dr. Das. His passion and expertise for ENS is very heartening to me. I was impressed by how personable and down-to-earth was this esteemed doctor. His willingness to try PRP/Acell on 180 patients, now stem cells, and probably implement future developments for ENS, whatever they might be, should be an encouragement to us all and give us hope.

~ by ens3 on March 23, 2016.

2 Responses to “Testimony by Chris Martin Who Received Stem Cell Treatment for ENS from Dr. Das”

  1. We would really like an update. It is 2018 and we still don’t know how the stem cells worked out.

  2. Where do I go for help? Can’t these doctors get in trouble that do this? It had destroyed a good part of my life.

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