A Dishonest Doctor

January 2008-July 2009


I made another appointment with Dr. F. for January 26, 2009. The appointment was on the schedule for months. R.C., the administrator for the medical center ENT Department, called me a few days before the appointment, and told me that Dr. F. was going to be out of town on the day of my appointment. “Well then,” I said. “I’ll reschedule.” R.C. told me that I could not reschedule. He was unable to give me a reason why.


In March of 2009, I wrote to Dr. F., asking for an explanation for the two canceled appointments. I also asked for his help with the medical board, in a complaint against the surgeon, Dr. S.  R.C. called, a few days later, to tell me that Dr. F. would not help me with a medical board complaint, or with anything else.


It is pointless for me to complain to the medical board without Dr. F’s support. Dr. F. was the ENT who “took care of me,” after Dr. S.’s surgery. Dr. F. has a sterling reputation in the medical community. He is known for his “compassion.” I recall observing the studied look of compassion on his face one time as he gazed up my bloody nose.


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