Nose Filter Gone, Working to Get Better

March 2008


I was having a great deal of trouble dealing with the smoke in my apartment building. Now that my nose filter had been removed, I could not filter any toxins. I woke up in the night, coughing to the point of choking.


I was up and down, facing the verdict that I would not get better. I had days of strength and acceptance, leaning utterly on God, and days of tears, unable to bear the suffering one more moment, let alone the rest of my life. I forced myself to do everything possible to beat the odds. I did breathing exercises daily from a book of yoga I had been using for years, Richard Hittleman’s Yoga. I walked every day. I ordered two books from Shiatzu: Japanese Pressure Point Massage and Zone Therapy, both of which demonstrate self-administered acupressure techniques for relieving pain. I ordered an e-book of facial exercises from the Internet, and I have used them daily since. They have helped to tone the sagging skin left by the surgery.


Having been an Art major in college, I made a bas-relief sculpture of my former nose for the plastic surgeon.  


In March, I was infected, again. This time, the infection was a smoky, gray-brown color. I also had the yellow ropey kind. I knew that the smoke in the building was affecting my lungs. I could hardly breathe. I was gagging on cigarette smoke. It was thick in my bedroom, coming through the wall.


4 Responses to “Nose Filter Gone, Working to Get Better”

  1. Interesting…they see the turbinate is gone, want to know “who did it?”, but refrain from saying much else. Same happened to me….he guessed I had an inverted papilloma removed and that is why the turbinate went with it (it had wrapped around it), but says my chronic cough is due to something I am doing when I speak. Yes, it is my fault!

  2. I agree, the last ENT I went to, I made sure he was in a different health network and yet he asked me who did the surgery. Then he said, “Oh he is a good guy, we trained under the same doctor and he would have never done that.” (denying the blatantly obvious CTScan accompanied with the surgeons’ comments stating that he had removed the middle turbinates and the ethmoid cells.) Then he tried to tell me how the turbinate retracts sometimes during polyp removal. Please! There was another wasted visit.

  3. I know why. They are all secretly horrified by what they don’t see in your nose–turbinates. However, their primary concern is whether or not the criminal who maimed you is a close colleague or someone they play golf with, and to what extent they might become enmeshed in the lawsuit or whatever mess is going to be the result of this.

  4. i had to give up my apt. for reason you mentioned. I am now trapped in my parents’ house w/ eNS and parents who think I”m nuts. They say ‘All you think about is the surgery’. Get over it. I go to my childhood room and lay on bed, depressed. I went to Duke, UNC, hospitals hoping for cure for ENS. They basically told me my nose was normal and 1st question they asked me was ‘Who did your surgery?’ Went to ten different ENTs in NC and all asked me same question. Anybody know why?

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