Blog Series on Patient Blacklisting Years After the Surgery, Blog 1 C. Difficile 2013

I will begin my blog series with a summary of events that transpired in late 2012-2013, six years after my destructive, unnecessary sinus surgery. After this blog, I will jump to 2017, ten years after the surgery, where aggressive blacklisting is resumed, after my long-term protective GP goes into private practice. For several years, following the surgery in 2007, and before I found the protective GP, I suffered relentless, brutal patient blacklisting. It started up again in 2017, after I lost my GP. In the years between, I continued to suffer patient blacklisting in dental and specialties.

Following the sinus surgery, I suffered sinus, respiratory, throat and eye infections, facial pain, tooth infection and pain and loss and facial collapse. and…ng-into-my-teeth/. I had never had a sinus infection, in my 55 years of life, until immediately following the unnecessary, barbaric sinus surgery performed October 30, 2007. I woke up from the surgery with a deadly acinetobacter infection. I had not seen the ENT for sinus issues. I had seen him for ear-ringing, and he had performed the most invasive sinus surgery, considered last resort and obsolete. He removed a large amount of bone from my nose and face.

In late 2010, a new dentist found abscesses in the tooth roots of the two upper right molars below the Caldwell-Luc surgery site, on that side. I had been suffering daily, unbearable facial pain for a year, and had seen several dentists who had failed to find these abscesses, (and who had treated me abusively and dismissively). I had been to the hospital school ER for the facial pain, and had been stonewalled. I had been banned from the hospital school dental clinic, and was never given a reason. My blacklisting was spread throughout my state, and I was banned from the two other dental school clinics as well. I saw multiple ENT facial plastic surgeons throughout my state, none of whom agreed to do surgery, most of whom refused to examine me, and gave me a referral to the hospital school pain clinic, in my city. I refused to resort to pain medication and addiction.

I know the reason I was banned from the dental school clinic. The reason was that the hospital school ENT, Dr. F, who saw me, following this butchery, had buried the medical malpractice of the fringe ENT, who had committed this crime, creating false medical records in which I had not been harmed, I was not sick, I had a history of terrible sinus problems which persisted, and I was mentally ill and predatory. I know he called at least two of my providers and told them this, before they met me, because they confessed to this. Because of these provably false medical records, the hospital system was chained to the commitment that my ongoing medical issues would NOT be diagnosed, and would not be documented (or treated). The outcome for me could have been deadly, as the pain in my face was intolerable. Though I have survived, the outcome of the blacklisting has been immeasurably destructive. The infection was not only in the teeth, but in the bone on the right side of my face, which continued to collapse. My mouth is now slightly twisted to one side. I suffer other conditions that might have benefited from treatment.

The following is a blog post I wrote in June 2010, and never posted. (I just posted it.): ‎You see the words “good doctor” in there. This is a doctor many of you have seen because he left the hospital system, and became a pioneer in the treatment of Empty Nose Syndrome. Before that happened, he tried and failed to find a single infectious disease specialist in my city who would agree to see me. It appears the “good doctor” eventually had enough of the hospital system. I don’t see how any doctor who was simultaneously a decent human being could have seen what was being done to me, and carry on.

I had been blacklisted to all infectious disease specialists in my city, following this event with an infectious disease specialist, in the hospital system: I had gone to see Dr. D in order to get help with my infections and pain. This is not the same Dr. D I will be discussing further on.

After the new dentist–who I managed to see without this becoming visible to the hospital school blacklisting machine–root-canalled my second abscessed tooth, in late 2010, I began to live again. My facial pain decreased to a quieter level. My breathing had improved. I was not well, but after four years of a living death, I began to date, and I returned to my former part-time job in 2012.

Within a year, the right side of my face began to ache badly again. I knew I had a sinus infection, and that it was most likely in my facial bones as well. I went to see Dr. D, an ENT outside the hospital system.

Dr. D was a part owner in the outpatient surgery center where I had been butchered by Dr. S. He was a young doctor. He was visibly horrified by the sight inside my nose, by the views on my CT scans, and by my recounting of my blacklisting hell. Operating outside the hospital system, and outside the city limits, he operated no bullshit agenda. He knew many of the players in my story. At my first appointment, I’d just had a culture of a painful infection in my right sinus which had come back negative. The culture had been done by an ENT at a sinus center outside the hospital system. I showed it to Dr. D. His brow furrowed. The lab result was from the hospital system lab. He knew what lab the sinus center used and it was not the hospital system lab. He also knew that the ENT I had seen at the sinus center was a close friend with Dr. F. He had formerly worked with Dr. F, in the ENT Dept., at the hospital system. Dr. D cultured my sinus infection. It was MRSA.

I saw Dr. D whenever I had a sinus infection. In late 2012, I was suffering, again, with a sinus infection and pain on the right side of my face. I saw Dr. D, repeatedly, for months, for this infection. But everything had changed. In perhaps four appointments, spanning months, Dr. D never cultured my infection. He just kept prescribing antibiotics, knowing full well my history of serious antibiotic-resistant infections. At the fourth or fifth appointment, I had begun to lose patience. Dr. D wanted to prescribe s STRONGER antibiotic–clindamycin–and he STILL refused to culture the infection. I wrote a blog about these events in March 2013:

Desperate to believe in Dr. D, I took the clindamycin. I got sick with C. Difficile. At that point, he FINALLY cultured my infection. It was AR and resistant to clindamycin. I believe I picked up the antibitiotcs prescribed by Dr. D, but I don’t believe I took them. Because of his malpractice, I was now fighting TWO AR infections. I lived on kefir for months, and continued to guzzle it for years. I still do. After I was betrayed by Dr. D, I resolved to never see another ENT or take another antibiotic for a sinus infection. I took Oil of Oregano capsules daily for the infection. Eventually the pain in my face subsided. I suffered with diarrhea for four years. It has only stopped in recent months. I was retested for C. Difficile last January and I do not have it. I do have serious gastrointestinal problems. There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. F had reached out to Dr. D, and convinced him to refrain from culturing my sinus infections. There dared not be a documented medical history of sinus infections following my sinus butchery in 2007. (My GP had documented, for Dr. F, that I had never had a sinus complaint or been seen for a sinus infection in the six years before the surgery, so he could not have me showing up with sinus infections, in my medical records, following the surgery, as, according to his medical notes, I had not been harmed by the surgery.) This would make a liar of Dr. F. Instead, I must be portrayed as mentally unstable, a fabulist, and a predator. I must be portrayed as so frightening that most doctors would refuse to even see me.

I stayed away from ENT’s. I kept my head down. My goal was to put this horror behind me, and live what was left of my life. At the end of 2016, my GP went into private practice. She no longer accepted my insurance. I was scheduled with a nurse practitioner, for my primary care, in the hospital school system.

BAM! The aggressive medical sabotage and blacklisting struck right up.

I am being more direct in my blog writing than I was in 2009-2014. I tried to become invisible to the criminal(s) who have stalked me through the medical system, for 10 years, due to my sin of having been senselessly butchered, and then character-assassinated, in my medical records. My tip-toeing has done me no good. I am 65 years old. If I am not going to be allowed to live, no matter what I do, then I’ll be damned if I am going to be quiet.

In the next blog, I will begin to document the medical sabotage and blacklisting that commenced in 2017.

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