July-August 2008


My GP ordered a bone density test because I had broken toes in May. The test confirmed osteoporosis. I believe it was accelerated by the surgery. The pain in my bones had begun right after the surgery. I believe the assault to a part of the skeleton affected the whole. I studied the options for osteoporosis treatment, and decided on none of them. As with all chemically produced medications, all the options posed potential health risks. My health was so fragile, I felt extra vulnerable to the risks. I began using a highly absorbable natural calcium product called E-Zorb that has proven success in reversing osteoporosis.  


July 29, I saw Dr. H., the ENS expert, in Cleveland. He said that my turbinates were atrophied. The mucosa was thin and had lost vascularity and nerve supply. This was why I had difficulty breathing. The nerves sense the air flow. He did not say it, but I knew this was the condition that leads to atrophic rhinitis. He prescribed premarin—a treatment for atrophic rhintis.


August 11, I had to take my car to my mechanic. When M. first saw me, he said, “K___?” He had not seen me since the surgery. Later, I asked him if I looked a lot different than I had before. I told him about the surgery. “Yes,” he said. “You look a lot different.” Most of my friends had been minimizing it, but I knew the truth. The pain I felt about my face was constant


3 Responses to “Osteoporosis”

  1. Interesting. I broke my back while jogging 6 months after surgery at age of 39. I was in great shape till after surgery as i felt like a 75 yr. old man.

  2. Is the premarin cream helpful and do you place it in your nostrils? I am dry after bad intubation and gall bladder surgery internally and externally on a bio-identical hormorne that does not penetrate my skin. I was trying to buy your book on my mobile device but it would not let me do so. Tell me how I can do it for an e-book.

  3. Why Premarin. I use to take that. My calcium is high and has been and my parathyroid glands swollen so I was told to stop calcuum. My surgery 4 6 10 and I have not been well since.

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