I Would Never Be Normal

February 29, 2008


On February 29, I had my next scheduled appointment with Dr. F. He was impressed that I had cleared up my infection to such a great extent with natural remedies, and he shook my hand. I asked him what type of rhinitis I had. He said he couldn’t tell until the tissues healed more from the infection. He said it could be atrophic rhinitis. I had researched Caldwell-Luc.I had some research with me from a university study. http://www.urmc.rochester.edu/smd/RAD/neurocases/Neurocase238.htm.


It said, “When the mucous membrane of the antrum is totally removed, the sinus eventually regenerates nonciliated epithelium. It is unable to clear mucous as a normal ciliated sinus would do.” I knew, from my research, that this is the condition that causes people to smother. Epithelium is skin. You no longer have mucous. I had read that patients who reached this stage often committed suicide. I asked Dr. F. if all of the antrum had been removed. He said, “He pretty well stripped it. But it’s hard to remove all of it.”


I asked if I had any chance of recovery. He said I had a chance for some small regeneration of mucosa. But I would never be normal.


Dr. F. asked his assistant to make an appointment for me, with both himself and his partner, Dr. S., the medical center’s ENT plastic surgeon, for April 25. His assistant, K., gave me an appointment card showing that I had an appointment with both doctors, at 1:15 on that date. Now that I had cleared my infection, the two of them would reconstruct my nose, to return some of its former appearance, and perhaps, some of its function.


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