The Careers of Doctors are the Primary Concern of Doctors

January 25-30, 2008


Patients are not the primary concern of doctors. The careers of doctors are the primary concern of doctors. They protect one another, in the face of obvious malpractice, so that, if the favor ever needs returning, their own backs will be covered. They sometimes prescribe treatments that are not in the best interest of the patient—for financial gain, or to cover up their own mistakes.


I don’t suppose this is true of all doctors, but it has been true of many of those I’ve seen since October 30, 2007. Can I just have bad luck?


I stumbled across this article about a doctor who grotesquely mutilated women for many years. No woman was able to successfully sue him because no fellow doctor would testify against him in court:


My head hurt horribly when I coughed, and my eyes were now seeping infection. I was coughing up wads of yellow mucous. The diarrhea continued. I could see no way out of this hell.


The bones over the top and bridge of my nose hurt so badly that I suspected they were injured and collapsing. On the 28th, I got up to discover that my nose was even smaller than the day before. I was deeply distraught, and could not think of anything else.


I e-mailed Dr. F., saying that I needed to see a doctor about my nose collapsing. I got a message back that I needed to be patient. Nothing could be done for me until the infection was under control. In this e-mail, Dr. F. also denied my request for a referral to see Dr. H., the ENS expert. He offered, instead, to give me a referral to see a Dr. K.


I e-mailed Dr. H., and described what had been happening with my care. He e-mailed back, suggesting I see the same Dr. K. to whom Dr. F. had offered to refer me.


I e-mailed Dr. F. and requested the referral to Dr. K.


On the 29th, I had an appointment with a medical center opthlmologist, Dr. C. The test was inconclusive for optic nerve damage. I would have a vision field test in one week.


The next morning, I received an e-mail from Dr. F. He said that he would not give me a referral to Dr. K., after all. This caused me great emotional upheaval. Dr. K. was not contracted with my insurance company, and I could not see him without Dr. F’s referral. After much angst and many phone calls, I finally got the referral. Bear in mind that I could not breathe, and was in a state of high anxiety due to breathlessness, every moment. I was in extreme pain.


On January 30, I had the sinus culture at the medical center. It took a resident a few seconds to collect a sample from my nose with a wire. He told me I would have the results in 48 hours.


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