Michael Jackson had Empty Nose Syndrome

A doctor who treated Michael Jackson for addiction talks about the cause of his insomnia and anxiety, saying that a part of his nose had been removed, during cosmetic surgery, causing Empty Nose Syndrome.

~ by ens3 on February 15, 2015.

One Response to “Michael Jackson had Empty Nose Syndrome”

  1. I have been saying this for YEARS, I’ve only had one surgery, whereas MIchael had MANY! I also feel that Michael must’ve had how much MRI contrast Gadolinium left in his body after the many intrusions to his already frail body?!

    I have HIGH amounts of Gadolinium contrast in me (urine and blood and skin) why do you think he wore Bandaids on various parts? It wasn’t because he was strange or odd, he most likely had GADOLINIUM TOXICITY which causes Dermal Fibrosis ! You should see what happens when I wear a bandaid over a biopsy scar, the area that is tocuhed by the adhesive, GETS BLISTERED! I have NEVER been allergic like this as a kid, NEVER!

    Say NO to MRI Gadolinium contrast! IF anyone can get word to his family please do so! BAYE R& GE Posioned him if he had them THEY need to be held accountable for this as well as any FLUOROQUINOLONE use (Cipro Avelox and LEvaquin, to include Topicals Otics & Optics)! Everyone who has EVER had an MRI w/Gadolinium contrast, NEEDS to be checked go to http://www.gadoliniumtoxicity.com and find the BEST info on NET on what should NEVER have been allowed imaging in the first place! and the medical community has KNOWN this since the very beginning which saw the UPSURGE in “Fibromyalgia” when it has been “FIBROSIS” all along! Michael did NOT need to die when he did and it was NOT his fault! Blame GE & BAYER if he took their poisons!

    Check out my FB page for pictures backing up my damages!

    Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

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