Lawsuit, Disparaging Medical Notes

June 2008


I had been talking to a lawyer about a lawsuit, and he had told me to get my medical records so that he could look them over. I had my GP’s office order them. I was stunned to read on two of Dr. F’s patient reports, under “mood, affect,” the word “histrionic.” Histrionic? Did he have any idea how much I was suffering?


On one of the dates that this had been reported—April 25—I had been quiet to the point of withdrawn because I had been depressed by my disappointing meeting with Dr. S., an hour earlier. My sister had been with me that day. I called her and asked if I had been histrionic. “No way,” she said. “Your appointment with Dr. F. was only a few minutes long. You were very appropriate.”


I e-mailed K. that I needed to speak with Dr. F. She e-mailed back that Dr. F. does not speak to patients on the phone. We tussled, by e-mail, with K. trying to pry the reason for my need to speak with Dr. F. out of me, and belittling my “personal matter.” Finally, I was given an appointment for June 27.


13 Responses to “Lawsuit, Disparaging Medical Notes”

  1. I had a caulwellluc 10 moiI had a cauldwell luc 10 months ago, and got an infection a week later. I was in horrible pain from my teeth to my eye and called the doctors office and got o talk to a nurse who finally called me back hours later. She told me the pain was normal because of the surgery and I did the saline rinse like I was told to do. I went to the Dr. a week later and was told my appointment was yesterday. I wrote it on my calendar and know they were wrong. I asked if he could squeeze me in or if someone else could see me because I believed I had an infection and was in a lot of pain. She came back and told me NO, I had to reschedule for the following week. When I was finally seen he told me I think you have an infection. REALLY? I was put on antibiotics and still in awful pain so I called the office and was put on a Z pack of prednisone. I have been back to the same Dr. several times, last time was in November and asked him if it was normal to still be in pain for so long and he said I needed to massage it every day to break up the scar tissue. How is it possible to still be in so much pain ?

  2. has anyone had success in suing the dr. for cutting off your inferior turbinate resulting in ens?

  3. i am so sorry for the plight of everyone with ENS that i have read about. you have saved my life by writing about it. i was going to get turbinate reduction surgery until i read your stories. i will be praying for you.

  4. My experience is identical to yours. My health went to hell after my ENT ripped out my turbinates. After my nasal surgeryI developed cataracts, heart disease and I had several teeth fall out.

    I learned not to trust MDs. I am afraid of them. I sued and I lost. I found out that there was no standard of care for what I had which means that the ENT could do anything he wanted to do.

    Then I developed a prostate problem. That was not connected to the ENOS. I was with one doctor 5 minutes and he was trying to talk me into getting surgery to reduce the size of the prostate. Then I had a high PSA and they wanted to do a biopsy. Biopsies are very dangerous and will spread cancer. Before the nasal surgery I would have listened to these doctors. Now the alarm bells were ringing and I ignored them.

    I now spend about $20,000 a year on alternative medicine. It is a lot of money, but it has kept me alive and functional. If I had stuck with the MDs I would be underground or in a rest home today.

    I developed gallstones. I went to the doctor and immediately he told me I should have my gallbladder removed. Screw him. I found a place in Georgia that removes gallstones naturally. I never had the surgery.

    The strange thing is that I have made a profit on the money I have spent. I almost had to stop working, but because of the alternative treatments I have had I feel much better and I have earned far more than $20,000 a year.

    The ENOS resulted in a divorce. . Now after several years I have met somebody super and it looks as if I will soon be tying the knot again. If I had stuck with the MDs no women in her right mind would have been interested in me.

    • I am so glad you shared your story here. It is inspiring. The only thing any of us can do is to try to offset our losses with gains. Your story illustrates this potential. My story is so similar to yours. In the past year, I too have found love again. I have started practicing yoga daily and have regained an attractive appearance. Facial exercises have helped to restore the tone in my face after the bone loss. I am working part-time.

      If I had followed the orders of mainstream doctors, I would be laying in my bed fighting recurring antibiotic-resistant infections in my sinuses, face and teeth. All of my teeth would probably be gone, my face would have collapsed even more from the ongoing loss of soft tissues eaten by infections and my nose would be rotting. I would be lucky, at this point, if one of the infections had just killed me off.

      The only way to counteract evil is with good. I wish you a wonderful life.

  5. that is bullshit.those ent’s should be lined up and held down to have their nose’s ripped open. ther are great docs out there but a corrupt doc who knows they are rippin your nose for the big pay day is a piece of shit.I WENT to 2 who said oh…your doc is a great doc and i will treat you with water and humidifier…those fucks play golf together.if i saw them in heaven i would kill them and risk hell.I can remember my shit head doc tellin me that i had no right to tell him that i had empty mose and i was totally out of line to raise my voice in his office and then i go to the 4th doc and he tells me that my nose was totally destroyed and his nurse wanted to cry. screw the coverup.this is a nasal crime from surprised docs are not being met in parking lots with street justice but they are not worth the jail time….the bottom line is really this….sniff afrin until you die or hell snort coke,,,DO NOT GO TO AN ENT!.trhey are nasal mad scientist

    • Greg, Not to worry. You are not going to see those doctors in heaven.

    • Greg, you reiterate my thoughts wholly . K had never ever even thought that I would want to kill anyone ever, but Joe I have changed . I used to be a spiritual, peaceful life loving person, but that it is a distant memory now. It’s been 3 years since my op and I have ventured further and further within myself, to places o ne’er thought existed.

  6. So… are you better? I hope so because I just 6 months ago had a deviated septum surgery that has left me distraught over the symptoms I am experiencing as a result of over zealousness of the knife to my turbinates. Empty Nose Syndrome. I am a wreck. I feel worse knowing this has happened to many people and so many doctors deny it exists despite the fact the will operate on anything else. It’s a big fraud to cover themselves.

    • I am certainly better than I was. Last summer, I felt almost normal but with the change in weather, I am suffering extreme dryness again. I also have facial pain from the unnecessary Caldwell-Luc that was done and I am still having dental implants done to replace teeth that were destroyed in the surgery. There is hope for improvement. I am sorry this happened to you too. ENT’s either deny the existence of ENS or, more often these days, acknowledge its (well-documented) existence, but tell all ENS sufferers that THEY do not have ENS. It is a fraud to cover themselves and each other, and to enable the money-making machine to continue.

  7. Some of them do belong in jail, yes.

  8. “Histrionic?” These ENTs belong in jail.

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