Another Dishonest Doctor

February 22, 2008


On the 22nd, I saw ENT plastic surgeon, Dr. J. H. whose name Dr. K. had given me. He acknowledged the changes to my nose—I had brought photographs–but he insisted that the changes could not have been caused by the surgery, as the surgeon had not mentioned any reductions in his surgical notes. My before-and-after photographs had been taken just months apart. The logic of the change not having been caused by the surgery—in which a pile of bone and cartilage was removed from my nose– was grossly ridiculous. When I asked him to look at my before-and-after CT scans, he ordered me out of his office, as if I had said something obscene.


I accidentally brought home with me the diagnostic sheet and saw that he had diagnosed me with an acquired nasal deformity, chronic rhinitis and chronic maxillary sinusitis. He had not looked in my nose at all, only at it. He had to have gotten two of those diagnoses from Dr. K. who had not provided a referral. He had merely written down the doctor’s name.


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  1. bless you..been there done that got the wardrobe

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