Dr. Steven Houser on Empty Nose Syndrome



~ by ens3 on November 16, 2014.

One Response to “Dr. Steven Houser on Empty Nose Syndrome”

  1. I would like to agree with everything Dr Steven Houser has had to say about this condition and applaud his stance to help everyone afflicted by ENS. I too have suffered for nearly 30years and had repeated surgery over this time but until recently never had a satisfactory answer to years of pain blockage despite cat scans to the contrary and surgeons insisting it was all neurogical and backing each other to the hilt despite previous surgery which “of course had nothing to do with Maxillary- Frontal Sinus pain “‘I had always hoped one day someone would understand and it wasnt until I noticed Scorpian with the poor woman who was subject to the same sworn secrecy of the medical profession and denial from ent surgeons that I realized this was one big conspiracy amongst so called medical professionals.

    I am 48years old now and resigned to living my life with facial pain that is so bad I can barley look straight at people . I have slight palsy on the right side from the nerve damage caused .

    The only relief ive found is saline as often as possible each day. My work has helped me stay positive despite the difficulty faced.

    Anyway life goes on and I hope everyone stays positive and its good to know their are people in this world like Dr Steven Houser that really do care about their wellbeing.

    Best Regards to everyone and I hope this helps to know were not alone

    Patrick Henderson 38 Trails Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 Australia email northsidefurniture1@gmail.com

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