Personality Disorder

October 10, 2008


Nothing could have prepared me for what medical center GP, Dr. S., had written in my records. I received them October 10. On page 7 of 9, she reported under neurological: “suspect some personality d/o issues too.” Personality Disorder.  No one had ever suggested such a thing about me. I am a deeply conscientious person. I have stepped out for others all of my life. I have never harmed a soul, never taken advantage of anyone, never so much as shoplifted. Personality Disorder. It could not have hurt more if I’d been stabbed.


And where could she have gotten this idea? She had remarked at both of my appointments that she had not yet received my records. There would have been nothing of the sort in my records, anyway. Except for that “histrionic” comment in Dr. F.’s records—but he had crossed it out.


3 Responses to “Personality Disorder”

  1. There was a list of doctors I saw on your sight and now I am not able to find it. I have been diagnosed with ENS and feel like I am dying. Can you please direct me to the list I saw before? kind regards –

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