A Call to All ENS Patients

This was sent to me by an ENS patient:

For all the ENS patients. We have hope to cure ENS now, but we need everyone to be active. Dr. DAi, the top scientist in China is investigating the number of ENS patients. If the number is large, it will be possible that Chinese Academy of Sciences will launch the research of ENS treatment and get findings from Chinese government! Now Dr. Dai is collecting information of ENS patients. Everybody please send your information to 315782918@qq.com.

The information should include:
Your email address
Your computed tomography before and after surgery
The history of surgery
The photo of nasal endoscopy diagnosis
History of treatment
Current syndromes

Please share this information with all the patients that you know, and and encourage them to send their information to the email address.

From a Chinese ENS patient

Dr. Dai: http://sourcedb.cas.cn/…/db/200907/t20090721_2130961.html

~ by ens3 on February 4, 2015.

One Response to “A Call to All ENS Patients”

  1. it’s been 20 yrs. how am I supposed to get all this info?

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