Dry Nose

Most commercial nasal gels and sprays contain Benzelkonium Chloride. Benzelkonium Chloride paralyzes cilia, the tiny hairlike structures in mucosa that move debris along. http://books.google.com/books?id=5y7BotzOz_AC&pg=PA277&lpg=PA277&dq=benzalkonium+chloride+paralyzed+cilia&source=bl&ots=-DjtN7CVyd&sig=W2f_tJCuUiXksLTfGvyoJ_1jqrQ&hl=en&ei=I8yvSqn4NoGEMrvW9fIN&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1#v=onepage&q=benzalkonium%20chloride%20paralyzed%20cilia&f=false

Commercial nasal care products are full of other chemicals harmful to mucosa: http://www.ent-consult.com/salineadditives.html

It’s a vicious cycle. I never required any nasal products until a “healer” destroyed my nose. I soon discovered more potential damage in the form of products designed to relieve the symptoms created by a doctor. I tried many alternative products, and the following are those that worked best for me.

On this page, I discuss interventions that helped me following a turbinate reduction. Each is something individuals are free to make decisions about. Nothing requires a prescription.

I am not a doctor. Neither do these products and practices have the potential to harm you as much as a turbinate reduction.

Estrocare 25: is a combination of natural plant estrogens such as Black Cohosh and Damiana, and other natural medicinal ingredients, antioxidants and moisturizers. It contains shea butter and grapeseed extract. Plant estrogens do not increase the risk of cancer.  There are no parabens or unhealthy preservatives in this product. I have put it right in my nostrils. It is moisturirizing and I believe it has helped to heal my mucosa. Estrocare 25 can be purchased at: http://www.easyhealthzone.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=estrocare+25&Search.x=12&Search.y=11

Glycerin: “… is invaluable as a natural source ingredient with emollient like properties which can soften and soothe the skin and it assists the outer epidermis in retaining moisture.” http://www.botanical.com/products/learn/vegetable-glycerine.html. Glycerin makes a dry nose feel much better, when massaged into the nostrils. It is the least expensive of the non-chemical nasal moisturizers. I purchased a 6 ounce bottler at CVS for $5.

Humidify: Use the best humidifier you can afford. I am told that is the Air-O-Swiss, available at a discount on Amazon.com.

Irrigation: In the early months, irrigation made my nose and sinuses feel drier. As my mucosa began to re-grow and heal, I found it soothing. For me, it is the only effective way to clear bacteria, fungi, and other debris, as the mucosa will not grow back in my sinuses. Here is a good site about nasal irrigation: http://www.doctorhoffman.com/ydouche.htm. I make my own saline. Here is the recipe: 2 t. salt. 1/2 t. baking soda, mixed into one quart of distilled water. I microwave 8 oz. of the mixture in a glass measuring cup, 30 seconds, then pour it into a Neilmed lavage bottle (available at most drug stores). Be sure to wash the bottle well after each use. If you don’t want to mix your own saline solution, you can buy prepared packets at the pharmacy. A good, moisturizing brand is Dr. Grossan’s Breathe-ease XL, available online: http://www.grossan.com/breatheease.html.

Manuka Honey: “Manuka Honey has been researched by Dr. Peter Molan
Senior Lecturer, Biochemistry Department, Waikato University, New Zealand for over 20+ years. Dr. Molan found that manuka honey seems to naturally destroy staph aureus, streptococcus, h. pylori (helicobacter pylori) as well as MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staph Auereus and VRE (Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci).” It is used for wound healing in European hospitals. It also provides the best nasal moisturizer I have found. This site provides a wealth of information about Manuka Honey, and sells an excellent product: http://www.manukahoneyusa.com/. A few warnings: Manuka Honey is acidic. It can cause a burning sensation. You have to be careful using it in the nose. Read about UMF ratings. I use a UMF 17. I swab it into my nostrils, not into my nasal passages. I can’t explain why this works. Fumes? The tissue inside the nostrils is epithelium—or skin. The mucosa in inside the nose, but it does work. I suggest reading the site, and proceeding in an educated way.

Naso-Heel Rhinitis Remedy: “For the treatment of symptoms of rhinitis with or without sinusitis including sinus congestion, sinus pressure and pain and dry mucous membranes.” http://www.nutritiondynamics.com/products/homeopathics/heel/Nasoheel.htm. I went through many bottles of this homeopathic remedy in the months when I had crusts in my nasal cavity. I credit it—at least partially–with sparing me from atrophic rhinitis.

Saline Spray: I carry with me, at all times, a small glass nasal spray bottle filled with saline. It is the same mixture I prepare for my irrigations. Nasal spray bottles are hard to find. When you do find them at pharmacies, they are not very good. I found nice amber glass bottles with pump spray tops at YinPo: http://1-800-medical.com/nasal/nasal.htm. Choose the best spray applicator available. This is the only online company I found where you can buy as few as a dozen bottles. A dozen is not too many.

Siccalix: An effective nasal gel moisturizer. It can only be purchased, at this time, in Switzerland, through pharmaworld.com: http://www.pharmaworld.com/ You have to register before you can order. The site does not say how much the product costs. When I ordered a year ago, it was $11.95 for a 20 gram tube. It lasts me several months. The listed ingredients are salt, dexpanthenolum and sorbitolum. Shipping was forty dollars, so I ordered 6 tubes. After currency exchange, the total came to about $112.

Vane-Eaze—A lotion with Horse Chestnut and other plant materials that brings blood flow to an injured area. It stimulates circulation. I have put some in my nostrils and it feels energizing.

Nature’s Door

548 Mohawk St
Columbus, OH 43206-1138

(614) 221-9030‎

Yerba Santa: “Yerba Santa helps restore the mucosal function and stimulates the production of saliva to reduce dry mouth. Yerba Sante acts as a respiratory stimulant.” http://www.mexgrocer.com/home-remedies.html. I sometimes make a tea fo it and add it to my irrigation and nasal saline spray. It ca be purchased at Mountain Rose Herbs:  http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/learn/yerba_santa.php.

In the first year, I also used a lot of different fats and oils in my nose. I don’t anymore. Not only can they cause lipid pneumonia, but research has shown that they are not absorbed over time when put in the nose.


41 Responses to “Dry Nose”

  1. Thank you for your article, very informative – how do you apply the glycerin to the inside of your nose ?

  2. Someone put a plant gel in my nose to stop the bleeding from an hemangioma. I happen to be allergic to grass . How do l get rid of the plant gel

  3. hi , i have had a feeling of empty nose for about 3 months now , sometimes my nose is blocked with no snot other times it is very open and i am also haveing wheezing which is horrible , it seems to be worse after i have been outside and exposed to irritants in the air, that makes me think it is something to do with my nasal passages , if any one has any tips or answers for this problem plz comment , thank you

  4. There is doctor have east the repairs other ENT doctors screw ups, which lead to dry or empty nose syndrome . Are sinus holes are not meant to be so big that it dries up our sinuses? Do some ENT doctor not know this by n how is that possible . Empty noses syndromes , causes headaches, dry nose, wheezing feeling like you cannot get enough air red, painful crusty nose. I would consider a food elimination diet way before having surgery. Also, just to be on the safe side I would get a mold/mycotoxins test by a specialist . I saw 4 ENT doctors they found nothing, then I went to see a mold specialized doctor who studied with Shoemaker he did a deep nasal smear and found MarCONS got on BEGS spray and that is some strong stuff and it cured me of wheezing . I also moved from a house that had mold an had been remediated but apparently you can never get that stuff out of house it is microscopic and if your allergic your going to react

    • hi , i seem to have the same problem as you i thikn i have ens but i dont see how i can . ime very confudes and stressed out , i have lots of wheezing and nasal problems , plz help if you can

  5. Thank you for the painstaking and detailed information

  6. great seller. shoe is beautiful. thanks.

  7. How do you stop the pain and suffering. I can’t take it anymore and I want to breathe again. Where do you get hope from? I am desperate and exhausted and sad. I am Incredibly tired of looking for remedies I just want to breathe normally. I want the suffocation to stop. I want to live again, instead I feel like to have a death sentence.

  8. Thank you so very much for posting this to your blog where I could find it. I have a blog that I started for spiritual growth and it seems my health took over and I started feeling guilty for posting health remedies so I have discontinued the blog for now.
    I have been fighting a staph infection in my nose MRSA for over 2 years now. I’ve had two surgeries the first repaired my septum and the infection. The second more clearing of infection and it is back again. I’ve tried two different ENT’s and I literally get no where with either of them. I walk in the office and get a antibiotic thrown at me like this is some new condition they haven’t tried to treat before with every antibiotic they could throw at me. The last surgery this early Summer showed definitive MRSA, no wonder my health has been so horrible. I have tried remedies myself, done so much naturopath type modalities of healing and I still am at a diligent pace, finally given up fully on the ENT.
    Let me say I’ve put some terrible things up my nose to clear this infection. Peroxide, Tea Tree oil, Oregano oil, Coffee, Tea, Baking soda, tears rolling down my eyes from the extreme burning.
    This time I have bought a Sinugator it’s battery operated and pulsates the liquid up through the nasal passage. So much easier than squeezing a bottle. I purchased the Manuka honey assuming its medical grade it has a UMF 16 and I am applying it with a q-tip far upside frankly it burns a tiny bit but I don’t care its so soothing. I also eat a tsp of it daily. I then purchased a mist diffuser that I put oregano and vetiver oil in and inhale several times daily drying but both of these oils are known to help staph. Now all I can do is keep the protocol I’ve created and pray.
    On another note I do live near Columbus Oh, but order almost all my things from Amazon. I suffer with severe dry skin everywhere in and on my body. I literally put pure raw shea butter all over when Vaseline stopped helping. It so hard to pay for all this on such a limited budget as I am disabled so I take it one day at a time until the next month arrives.
    I have done some major reading on one of the medications I’ve been taking for over 20 years and had no idea there were so many side effects that I have. Tachycardia, Hot flashes, heat intolerence, memory loss, abrupt leg pain for no reason, dry eyes, throat and skin, lethargy, over sleeping and many more. The list I read came directly from a company that ships my pills to me and wow was this informative compared to what I receive from a local drug store or even on Google. I am going to try to taper down. I also have psoriatic arthritis attacking me so heavily I’ve been doing low doses of chemo so I can at least walk, sleep and be sane. I know supressing my immune system is not helping the MRSA but I try to stop treatments for a few weeks and start again. I have also totally changed the way I eat and it is helping my tummy quite a bit as well as the weight I carry.

    You truly did offer some wonderful info and I have saved this page to get me through the Winter arriving lol. Would love to hear from you if you ever find the time hun.

    Blessings, Susan

    • Susan
      What medicine is not that causesvall of those side effects
      Is it an asthma medicine
      I hope you are feeling much better these days

  9. Thank you thank you thank you to EVERYONE who suggested Glycerin!

    Years of using Otravine (should be BANNED) left my nose a dry, sore, scabby mess. Was using Naseptin for months (expensive steroid prescription and also not ideal long term) until I started on the Glycerin. I use it morning, lunchtime and before bed and my nose feels normal again!

    If you tip your head back and drip some down into the sinus, it also causes a bit of a reaction/sting which gets the mucous flowing nicely which helps sinuses drain too.

    If you are here and have not tried the Glycerin, DO IT. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – it’s cheap and safe. My condition went from MISERABLE to MANAGEABLE in just a couple of weeks!

  10. The only way to handle these dry nose conditions is to see a reputable doctor http://www.agrusspersonalinjury.com/chicago-medical-malpractice-attorney/

  11. I have sufered from ENS since 2004 with terrible infection that gave me dry nose, cough at night and bad breath. I used all sorts of antibiotics to no success. I resorted to using saline water (mix half spoon of salt in half litre of luke warm water, sniff and bend or lie down on pillow and give it 1 minute and drain out…do this this 3 times every after 1 minute with water in nose. Also mix in quarter tea spoon of baking soda. Try this morning and evening. I have done this since 2009 and somehow I am relieved.

    Good luck.


  12. I’m using raw sesame oil spray. It stops dryness very quickly.

  13. I have extreme dry nose from Wegeners Disease. It is disabling. I lose my voice often and live with staff infections in my nose/throat. I lost my turbinates from the disease. I dont drink enough water Im sure. I wake up several times a night due to dryness. What should I try first? My dr recommends glycerin nasal spray.

    • I got rid of my infections using colloidal silver nasal spray and manuka honey just in my nostrils. Manuka honey is very moisturizing too. Siccalix is the best thing for moisture I feel.

    • paula. i as well have wegeners and lose my voice alot due to it and have lost my septum. i have had my nose rebuilt 3 times . what do you do to help with your voice???

  14. Does anyone suffer from a strange smell like rotten meat from nose as well?

    • Yes, a couple times over the last 25 years, once before any of my 3 sinus surgeries, I found Afrin one spray only then after an hour saline irriagtions then side lying and sniffing vigorously from the uphill nostril while plugging the downhill nostril and pulling up and out on the skin over the right cheek to open up the uphill ostia. I got out some grey mucous smelled like moth balls. I repeated the irrigations with 500 cc saline and Grossan Irrigator. Sometimes it took six deep long sniffs before ZI could feel mucous pulling from around my eyes.. Spit in a white coffee cup to see color of mucous. After the sixthirrigation and sniffing got no more mucouis and was exhausted, Slept ten hours without cough or post nasal drip, a first in many years. woke up in the morning not feeling hung over, and until then didn’t know I was waking up feeling hung over.

    • I have a metallic taste/smell…

  15. Hey guys, I’ve been suffering from the same thing since my ENT gave me the nasal pray last year. I’m trying manuka honey right now. Hope it will work.

  16. I have been living with ENS for over 15 years. I have tried some of the remedies that are on your list and will try some of the others. I irrigate using Dr.Grossan’s Hydro-pulse. The pulsation mimics the motion of normal cilia (which I do not have). This method allows for a greater contact between the solution and my mucosa. The other product I have found that helps me is Nose Better which is a nasal moisturizing gel. The active ingredients include allantoin (comfrey root), camphor and menthol. I use it around the opening of my nose and just inside, it stings at first but it goes away. It is not easy to find and I now buy it online

    • Ellen, Thanks for the tip about Nose Better. When I run out of Siccalix, I will try it.

      • Hi ENS3:
        Is Siccalix all natural without any preservatives? Is it ok for long term use?

  17. everything possible in this world .Every organ can be regenerated using stem culture.Why ENS researchers not taken seriously about problem of ens patient?Why should not they actively take part to regenerate turbinate ? When I was going to Dr. they only take a fees, prescribing antibiotic,pain killer and telling to come after 5 days ? Is it strategy to handle patient and earning money way ? Why they cant understand problem?
    forward it to every Dr. and ens sufferer.

  18. Madam 2tablespoon salt 1/2b.soda mixed together in 1 litre water.this is correct?
    Madam can i use glycerine &saline irrigation at the same time ?or how do i take this plz reply thanks

  19. the prices vary for different medicines and different suppliers. you will need to look them up on the internet. also, premarin, a prescription medicine, was helpful to me.

    • Madam ,which ingredient involve in this &which company mfg this type of medicine.plz mention detail.
      Madam one more question ,my turbinate has been removed .i am facing this problem .doctor made big mistake without telling me or my family.i have only completed my 20yrs .my life becoming very boaring .i hav lot of coughing problem becoz air is nt filtering & also due to that infection occurs in nose&throat chest problem.i live india (maharastra-shirdi) i have lot of problem because my family background is very poor.I am only child in family my parents want to learn more……

      • Yogesh, Because of your financial limitations, I would suggest only that you do regular saline rinses. You can make the solution yourself–see above “irrigation.” An inexpensive product you can use to moisturize your nose throughout the day is glycerin. I wish the best of luck to you.

      • I have not understand .2t means tablespoon.should i require to made daily preparation? Today i had gone to the ent doctor i have lot of common cold(my nose is very running) i have lots of coughing problem from 7 to 10 days ) dr .said u have severe allergic rhinitis& they prescribe me cefixime antibiotic&dexamethasone . I have facing 1st time,does happen with u? How long this persist?
        May i am studying b.pharmacy at government college.
        Very very thanks

      • teaspoons not tablespoons. you should rinse daily, or twice daily.

    • Madam ,the prepared solution microwave 8oz means this kept in microwave oven at oz this correct or not

      • yogesh, i believe you need to have someone fluent in english to explain to you the measurements and instructions. i cannot adequately translate as i do not know your language and measurement system.

    • Can you tell me the preparation of saline in mL/Litre&microwave 8oz means what?
      Plz how u make your solution? tell

  20. Thank you for sharing Linda.

  21. I have finally found relief from dry nose syndrome. It is Unker’s Medicated Salve made by O.T.R., P.O. Box 440, Upton, WY 82730, 888-866-2843. It is a wonderful product and has many other uses.

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