Dear ENS Friends

Dear ENS Friends,

I have not written a blog in a long time. I am intending to write series of new blogs, covering a series of new medical abuses perpetrated upon me by the medical establishment in the city in which I live. Most, or all, of these abuses (a few are undetermined) have been perpetrated by the hospital system originally responsible for my medical blacklisting, following the butchery of my nose and face, in 2007, which resulted in ENS and other serious medical conditions.

The abuses, which I will be describing, have catapulted my health back into an abyss, causing new medical issues, many of which accompanied the original condition of ENS. These newly created issues include dental destruction, chronic pain, peptic ulcers resulting from over-use of ibuprofin in the attempt to manage pain, worsened insomnia, due to intense chronic pain, and PTSD resulting, in part, from seven months of abominable patient black-listing, false patient notes maligning my character and causing provider after provider to disregard my serious medical issues, including a perineural cyst, in my sacrum. While the tumor in my spine/pelvis may not have been caused by this series of events, it was allowed to worsen through six medical appointments between July and October, in spite of a meticulously prepared list of symptoms, definitive, in retrospect, of a perineural cyst.

My list was ignored and none of the symptoms documented, as I was diagnosed by a series of four family practitioners, and a sleep physician, with “psychological problems,” “hyperthyroidism,” “psychological bloat,” and “somatic disorders, multiple.” I had to specifically request an endoscopy, as I suffered unbearable abdominal pain. The ulcers diagnosis was not recorded in my chart by the physician who had been contributing to my “psychological” diagnosis, so I went on to be abused by three additional family practitioners, as I was ignored, passed on, and eventually saw a physician outside the system (who was contacted by the hospital system, and who also ignored and abused me).

I am the diagnostic technician who demanded an abdominal MRI, after the pain became so hideous that I knew the “ulcers” diagnosis did not cover it. I was patronized and given an abdominal CT (which I was told was an MRI). On September 19, this CT scan revealed the perineural cyst in my sacrum. I requested an appointment with a neurosurgeon, which I soon learned, could not be made because the neurosurgeon required an MRI, before he would see me.

The most current family practitioner needed for me to come in, again, and discuss my symptoms because an MRI, she explained, was expensive. After I went through the roof, I realized she could not order the MRI because she had never documented my symptoms in two appointment in two weeks. Instead, she had documented “somatic disorders, multiple.”

Being ENS sufferers, you know, there comes a time when no more bullshit will go in, not with a plunger, not with increased verbal abuse, not with threats, and not even with fear of death. You would rather accept anything than more lies and complicity in the assassination of your character, more greasing of the wheels of medical corruption. I called the GP on her scheme of needing to finally document my symptoms, which she did not deny, and I refused to come back in, for the sake her career.

In October, I saw a family practitioner outside the medical hospital system who was more overtly hostile than any of the preceding three GP’s from the hospital system. She refused to order the MRI. Even when I managed to make an appt. with a neurosurgeon and his office faxed a request for the MRI, she refused to order it. Her office manager barked at me, on the phone, to try steroids and physical therapy first (for a tumor) as an MRI was expensive. She told me she had “heard the story” from the hospital system. The “doctor” snapped at me that she was the doctor and I WOULD NOT tell her what to do. Mind you, a CT scan, in her hands, described the tumor in my back/pelvis. Not only that, she had test results showing that my kidney function had fallen into the “disease” category. I had been telling all these GP’s since January that I was having difficulty passing urine. Apparently, it had been backing up into my kidneys. In July, when I had begun to plead for help, my kidney function had still been normal.

I am going to write about this here because it is, undoubtedly, connected to the patient blacklisting, which was begun in 2007, in relation to the surgery which caused my ENS. Patient blacklisting is something I have written about, previously, here, and which many ENS patients have been forced to deal with, due to the corrupt nature of sinus surgeries, and the cover-up which follows serious damage. The cover-up, inevitably, involves patient blacklisting, even if the patient is innocent of awareness of wrongdoing or complaint. It is automatic. It’s a tool put in place to prevent accountability by the medical profession. The patient is collateral damage.

Also, some of my current health issues are related to the original sinus surgery, and are shared by other ENS patients. Among them, dental issues, insomnia and PTSD.

There is a strong case that the intentional damage perpetrated upon my teeth last April and May was the opening volley of a resurrected, targeted, aggressive, vicious campaign of patient blacklisting, an effort to cause unbearable physical suffering which was intended to be documented as “psychological problems.” I skirted that effort by avoiding almost all interface with medical personnel for four months. I smelled the rat. My long-term GP, who had protected me from the patient blacklisting for eight years, had gone into private practice and did not take my insurance. Once I was exposed, in the system, the abuse commenced immediately.

I could not avoid seeing a sleep physician, as I had been on Lunesta and clonazepam for sleep since the sinus surgery, in 2007 (Lunesta before due to long-term primary insomnia). I first saw the sleep physician in March and she began the blacklisting, writing grotesque, untrue, insane-sounding notes about me, of which I have copies, and some of which I will share. I believe she must have received a call from the physician who originated my patient blacklisting, who is still in the hospital system. Two doctors had previously confessed to receiving character assassinating calls from him, years ago, one confessing to this, on tape, in a meeting. The sleep physician verbally abused me for three hours, on and off, in her office, accusing me of doing a terrible, underhanded thing, coming to her for sleep medications. (I had been ordered by my new GP to see a sleep physician in order to get these medications. That is in the GP’s notes.) In the end, she prescribed Lunesta and put me on a five-week wean of clonazepam, which I successfully completed. This did nothing to mediate the ongoing abuse in her patient notes. In retrospect, I believe the aggressive clonazepam wean (which she only agreed to after I called my former GP and made an appt.), was designed to land me in a psych ward. She had insisted, for several hours, as she worked me over, that she would not prescribe it at all, and that I was a horrible person for requesting it.

So I dodged the clonazepam manipulation by being a tough customer. And I dodged the dental pain manipulation by being, again, a tough customer. (Remember, I’ve survived ENS.) And my toughness didn’t make any difference to the blacklisting machine. Weak and pathetic as it was, they portrayed me as mentally ill for reporting symptoms that turned out to be due to peptic ulcers and a perineural cyst.

There are many details to my story, not all of which I will share, but I would like to share in more detail, as this sketch does not explain the intricate connections of the parts.

As this story will be a connected series, I will come up with a name that will indicate that each blog is a part of the series. I hope I will find a few readers, but if not, it will do me good to write this story out. I am having many medical procedures and surgeries, so there will likely be gaps of time in between my writings.

One more thing, my ENS symptoms are returning, which makes sense as I am getting older, and I have been under alot of stress. Also, more of the damage from the surgery has come home to roost. I have glaucoma, due to optic nerve damage from the surgery, according to my eye doctor who is equipped with a conscience. The slick, greasy eye “doctor” from the hospital system who examined me, shortly after the surgery, called my optic nerve damage tests “inconclusive,” and told me I could expect to have eye pain and visual problems, at age 55, because “You can expect your eyesight to fail if you’re not eating fish three times a week.” I told my current eye doctor that, years ago. She looked like she’d seen a ghost. My expensively repaired teeth, including the dental implants I had to have after my teeth fell out, due to the surgery, are failing. I have observed that many of you have read my blog “My Sinuses Are Falling Into My Teeth.” That is what a Maxillofacial Surgery resident told me, years ago, right before she was sent to a new residency out-of-state, and I was banned from the hospital system dental school. The truth is my teeth are falling into my sinuses because the bone structure separating them was removed in the surgery. My expensively repaired teeth hurt as if there is wind blowing through their nerves, even though they have no nerves. The nerves that hurt are in the sinuses. A dentist told me today that nothing can be done.

I was senselessly butchered. The right side of my face is caved in. I have suffered indescribably, and worked beyond the imaginable to regain my life. And there sits a piece of human waste with a medical degree, in the university hospital system, who caused much of my suffering, over many years, and has reached out, again, after 10 years, to destroy my limited life. He didn’t do it alone. All he has ever had to do is say the word. And that is beyond horrifying. That is our medical system.

Thank you all for being a part of my journey. I haven’t been visiting the blog much or answering questions because, for a while, I moved on, and I didn’t remember the answers to many of your questions, but you have always been in my thoughts. God bless you.

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