Nasal Deformity, Pain, Difficulty Breathing

December 10-18, 2007


My nose was shrinking, and the nostrils didn’t match in size or shape. All the subtle shapings had disappeared, and the nostrils had been pulled up. I had been blessed with a beautiful nose. Now it was a small, lumpen blob. My facial proportions were ruined.


Around this time, I learned that the septum is not just that divider between the nostrils. It is a bony plate that extends back into the head: Dr. S. had apparently removed a significant portion of this important structure, at least enough to deform my nose—and for no medical reason. 


Feelings began returning to my nasal area. I hadn’t realized that I’d been numb. I could now feel that Dr. S. had drilled my nasal openings larger. They hurt, and they felt enormous. I felt as if I’d been changed from what I was into something else–a pig.  My head ached horribly. There was twinging and stinging in my nose, and a horrible rotten taste in my mouth. When I cried, I felt a strain in my nose as if it were a puny muscle attempting a mighty job. Instead of mucous, I produced sticky strands of fibrous material.


I felt weak and sick and I continued to have diarrhea. I had bone and joint pain so intense it woke me in the night. I’d had autoimmune disorders for over twenty years. I believe that cutting and drilling on my skeleton–a body system—resulted in autoimmune problems in the joints. Dr. S. had known of my autoimmune problems. I had documented them on the patient questionnaire I had filled out. Who would perform a horrific unnecessary surgery on a fragile patient? I had chosen Dr. S. because he was a DO, and I had believed that DO’s were partial to natural treatments. I had used natural and homeopathic medicines and doctors all of my adult life. What irony that this had happened to me!


Through years of struggling with autoimmune disorders, I had gone to great lengths to avoid preservatives and pesticides. Now, I was cramming carcinogens and poisons up my nose in order to endure the suffering. My sinuses were full of crusts and lesions, and I was pouring poisons on top. Moisturizing nasal sprays were full of preservatives. The preservative used most frequently in nasal sprays, benzalkonium chloride, has been shown to paralyze cilia, the tiny hairlike structures in mucosa that move debris along. Most nasal creams and gels have parabens in them, which have been linked to cancer. I cleared out the shelves of pharmacies, spending thousands of dollars I didn’t have on poisons, desperate to alleviate my suffering. And none of it helped very much.


My ears felt full. There was incredible pressure in my head. Breathing was so difficult, I could barely speak. Doing business on the phone was nearly impossible. After a few words, I could only squeak. The tinnitus was worse than before.

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