YouTube Videos

April 2008


I did a videotape for the Empty Nose Syndrome Association. All of these videotapes can be seen on Youtube:


There are several hundred registered members on the Empty Nose Syndrome Forum. This probably represents a small percentage of those who have been injured by turbinate reduction surgeries. Hundreds of thousands of these surgeries are done by ENT’s every year.


A forum member remarked that turbinate reductions are the new bread and butter of the ENT business. Most often, they are not done because patients need them. They are done because ENT’s need to do surgeries in bulk in order to maintain lavish lifestyles. A relatively small percentage of these unknowing patients have their lives ruined—maybe only one thousand people a year. Maybe only a few hundred.


ENT’s know about Empty Nose Syndrome. Apparently, most of them don’t care. The ones who do will not come forward (and ruin their careers). The medical profession is a club, and clubs have rules.

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