Dry Eyes

Following a turbinate reduction, I suffered (and do suffer) from Empty Nose Syndrome and damaged mucosa. The nose and eyes are close in proximity and communication. I developed severely dry eyes and chronic eye infections.


On this page, I discuss interventions that helped me improve my dry eyes. Each is something individuals are free to make decisions about. Nothing requires a prescription.


Any time you put something in your eyes, you must observe strict hygiene. Teas made from herbs should be refrigerated and kept only two or three days. When any cloudiness becomes visible, throw it out and make it new. Use distilled water. Any homemade product, including saline, should be nuked in your microwave (and cooled) before use. I keep herbal eye baths and saline on hand in glass eye cups because I need to use them frequently. If you need to use them more than once a day, change the cups frequently, preferably after every use. Wash the cups in hot, soapy water, or in your dishwasher. Do not allow dropper bottles to touch your eyes. If they do, wipe them with a clean cloth.


I anticipate someone thinking that I got my eye infections by using homemade products in my eyes. So let me address that up front. I had eye infections for more than a year (following the surgery) before I used homemade products in my eyes. I have only improved from their use. I have even finally cleared the infections


I am not a doctor. Neither do these practices have the potential to harm you as much as a turbinate reduction.


Chevril: “Chervil comes from a Greek word meaning ‘leaf of rejoicing’. This herb enjoys a fine reputation for treating eye disorders, including severe inflammation of the deeper structures of the eye, detached retina and cataract. When combined with eyebright the results can be quite astonishing.” http://www.organicnutrition.co.uk/articles/eyes.htm. Chervil is hard to find. I found mine at The Herb Shop: http://www.bulkherbshop.com/. Make a tea from the crushed leaves and use alone or mixed with Eyebright.


Eyebright: “Today eyebright is recommended by herbalists where there is a discharge from the eyes, for treating conjunctivitis and for allergic reactions that affect the eyes. Eyebright is an astringent, anti-inflammatory and relieves catarrh.” http://www.organicnutrition.co.uk/articles/eyes.htm. Make a tea as described above. Use alone or mixed with Chervil. Eyebright is available at Mountain Rose Herbs.


Fennel: “Fennel is an anti-inflammatory and herbalists use it to treat inflammation of the eye.” http://www.organicnutrition.co.uk/articles/eyes.htm. It is available at Mountain Rose Herbs.


Genteal: Severe Dry Eye Relief Lubricant Eye Gel is a commercially available product that is “preservative free in the eye.” There is a preservative that somehow evaporates once the product comes in contact with the eye. It is more effective than most commercial products and less effective natural ones.


MSM Eye Drops: “MSM Eyedrops soften the membranes, allowing fluids to pass through the outer layer of the tissues. When tissue membranes become permeable, nutrition is able to penetrate through the outer layer and provide the nutrients needed for the body to heal itself.

MSM softens leathery tissue, equalizes pressures, repairs damaged membranes, clears up red spots and broken vessels, helps remove blemishes and other tissue particles.* http://www.naturaleyecare.com/store/detail.aspx?ID=1515. The best deal I have found is on this site, which carries other useful products. http://www.kornax.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=KE&Product_Code=RI-MWD. This product contains a small amount of silver which is antibiotic.


Natural Opthalmics Eye Drops: Homeopthic eye drops that help to heal dry eyes rather just improve symptoms. http://www.easyhealthzone.com/Dry_Eye_Drops_for_Women_15ml_p/op0001.htm


Saline: See “Irrigation” on the Dry Nose page for information about making or buying saline mixtures.


Similasin Dry Eye Relief: A homeopathic formula available in pharmacies and supermarkets. It is better than other commercial formulas.


Triphala: Is an ayurvedic treatment for the eyes. http://www.ayurvediccure.com/triphala.html. It is available at IHerb: http://www.iherb.com/Planetary-Herbals-Triphala-1000-mg-180-Tablets/1593?at=0. You can make an eye wash by dissolving a caplet in distilled water. Strain the liquid through cheesecloth into a clean jar. Microwave the portion you want to use to sterilize it. Refrigerate the rest.



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