An Honest Doctor

March-June 2009


I have had my eye infections diagnosed. I had to go to an Urgent Care to finally get a culture. The infection was klebsiella pneumoniae. I now have an incurable eyelid disease called blepharitis, caused by chronic, untreated eye infections. “How did you get to this point?” the Urgent Care doctor wanted to know. I told him.


“These doctors should just get out of the business!” he bellowed. “They should sell shoes! If they don’t want to treat patients, just get out! All my friends who are doctors are getting out of the business,” he added, “because of this. This is not a helping profession anymore.”


My eyelids are chronically swollen and inflamed. The klebsiella was cleared by an antibiotic, but I have been left with a Staphylococcus infection that won’t go away. I still have inflammatory swellings on both cheekbones.


8 Responses to “An Honest Doctor”

  1. I believe i am a black listed patient also and know one will treat. I have blepheritis,
    facial deformity, every 28 teeth cracked and painful, cannot swallow well, all food even mashed leaves a horrible taste. Mine was unnecessary gall bladder surgery. Rough intubation caused my dry nose and breathing problems. Seeing Ent and just got a steroid spray. Air hurts breathing in is shallow due to scar tissue in abdomen. My abdomen is swelling. I had rough dental cleaning before surgery and I would like to talk with you or share photos. I have physical therapy now to get strength but my skin is just hanging from my face and neck, No quality of life. People just assume you are psychiatric. I was an executive till this happened. I fell for taking Causes, incidence, and risk factors
    that medicine and it made me worse and delayed care. All my hair is falling out and i have no moisture internally/externally. Air also hurts teeth as they are sensitive. 4 hours sleep if I am lucky as I feel like I am in Sahara dessert no matter what time of year due to mouth breathing. Humidifiers caused lung infection. Rash all over body since surgery ingrown hairs that I know must be from bacteria infection, white coating on tongue. Voice is so hoarse like I smoked and I never did. All bones hurting I think the infection thru bloodstream. Cannot even wash my face w/o pain. Speaking is now an effort. Please contact me. To top this all diabetes and heart blockage. As Dr. Told me to have milkshakes twice a day and just eat anything you can he said it would make me well and it did not.

    • Susan, It sounds awful. I am so sorry. I pray you will get better. I never thought I would get better and I did so please know there is hope. You can send me photos if you wish to the e-mail address posted this site.

  2. They call the area from bridge of nose to mouth the deadly triangle. Use youy thumbs and pointer fingers across the face. Is there any hope?

  3. I went to a holistic dentist and her husband was holistic chiropractor nutritionist. He said I was loaded with strep in my eyes head mouth body all in my stomac and h-pylori. He held up these vials and had a laying of hands on me with an assistant. I can’t even wash my face or eyes w/o pain. Do you know if eye doctor will test for infections?

    • I was told that eye doctors do not test for infection. If true, it makes no sense. I could not get an ophthalmologist to test my eyes for infection. I finally went to an urgent care. I was tested and had an antibiotic-resistant infection. The antibiotics I had been prescribed were dangerous to me.

  4. And that is so sad, that they don’t care. I am sure we have all said – if I knew then what I know now, there’s no way we would ever have agreed to this.. we would have chosen other options. The anger we feel, etc.. wanting to sue and knowing it would do no good.

  5. Judy, It is astonishing that an ENT can fail to understand that a surgery to the face is an assault to the body much like a stabbing or axing in the face. The brain, nasal and facial structures are surely the most refined and complex of the human body. Even the medical literature on sinus issues states that surgery is a last resort. Of course, ENT’s do not REALLY fail to understand the damage they are doing. They fail to care.

  6. Been reading your heartfelt blog and can relate totally.. my eyelids are like that but not from eye infections. My cheekbones are always swollen and inflammed, and I’ve always wondered why.

    ENS fellow sufferer.

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