More Doubts About the New ENT

January 23-25, 2008


Dr. F. ordered a CT scan, and I was given an appointment five more weeks away—Feb. 29. I got the scan. Later, I called and left a message asking for a sooner appointment. Then I e-mailed Dr. F’s assistant with five questions that I had forgotten to ask. One was a request for a referral to Dr. H., an ENT who treats Empty Nose Syndrome with implants. The treatment is somewhat experimental. I had become acquainted with Dr. H. through the ENS forum where, at that time, he answered forum members’ questions.


On the 25th, I heard back from Dr. F’s assistant. My CT scan showed that “She has a bad sinus infection and needs to take 3 weeks of antibiotic to see if we can clear the infection. She will need to come in for a culture first.” The first they could get me in for a culture was in five days–January 30. Let me repeat that– The first they could get me in for a culture was in five days. I am not a doctor, and I knew, at that point, that the infection was antibiotic-resistant. I read the e-mail after the office had closed at four. I called both my GP’s office, and the medical center’s on-call ENT, sobbing that I had MRSA in my head and was going to die a horrible death. I called all my family members, and repeated the same.


None of my five questions were answered.


Why could I not be cultured for five days? Could a huge medical center not squeeze in a severely ill patient for a culture for five days? Or was there another reason?


In five days, I would have finished the ten-day round of Augmentin the day before.


A wrong antibiotic will knock back an antibiotic-resistant infection, initially. It will make a “bad infection” appear to be light one. Unfortunately, a wrong antibiotic may cause the infection to become even more antibiotic resistant than before:


The following article states that two of the conditions leading to atrophic rhinitis are aggressive sinus surgery and infection: This would make sense as infection would further destroy the tissues remaining after the surgery. Given these conditions, shouldn’t my infection have been cultured in December?  


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