The Other ENT

August 2008


I ordered and received the notes from my appointment with Dr. A., at the other medical center. The notes say, “palpable osteotomies along the nasal bridge…poor tip support…a paucity of cartilage to the middle vault…dynamic external valve collapse as well as internal valve collapse…inferior turbinate atrophy or absence from surgical resection.”


I saw Dr. A., again, August 15. Now, he was not willing to do the surgery that he had said he would do in July. He said it was for aesthetic reasons. He tried to tell me that the misshapen little nose I now had was considered, by cultural standards, better than my former nose. I didn’t believe him. His whole demeanor had changed—it was off. I sensed he was lying. He postponed the surgery, telling me to read an article about facial aesthetics, and then return.


A friend asked me if I’d seen that horror movie where people’s faces were all replaced with some other face. I said, “No, but this is a horror movie. Why don’t doctors understand?”  My friend said, “The man who did this did not make a mistake. He is insane.”


My right eye hurt, and the lower lid was swollen. Large amounts of yellow and green pus were coming out of both eyes. When I woke in the mornings, I couldn’t get my eyes open. My eyelashes were full of crust. I needed to see an opthlamologist, but it seemed pointless to see Dr. C., again.

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