Following my turbinate reduction surgery, I had acinetobacter infection in my sinuses. This is an antibiotic-resistant hospital-acquired infection. Various antibiotics were tried and they failed. I cleared the infection with natural remedies.


I developed eye infections when I went on the first antibiotic. This is called an “opportunistic infection.” It is a bug that takes over when the good bacteria that normally hold it in check are destroyed, for example, by an antibiotic. I eventually began using antibiotics for the eye infections. Thus began a vicious cycle where as soon as one infection cleared up, another took hold. That’s the problem with antibiotics. They suppress the immune system. They damage other body systems as well.


On this page, I discuss interventions that helped me clear up the infections. Each is something individuals are free to make decisions about. Nothing requires a prescription.


I am not a doctor. Neither do these products have the potential to harm you as much as a turbinate reduction.


Angstrom Silver: “Antibacterial silver has been found effective against most disease causing fungi, bacteria, blood parasites and many viruses. One known method by which it does this is by penetrating the cell wall of germs and interfering with its production of an enzyme needed for oxygen assimilation in anaerobic bacteria, with the result that the bacteria suffocates. (Most friendly bacteria are aerobic, and are not harmed by the presence of silver.)”


Colloidal Silver is controversial. Few Internet sites speak well of it, yet colloidal silver was used extensively as a germicide before the advent of antibiotics: I used colloidal silver on my acinetobacter sinus infection. I put two sprays up each nostril four times a day. The infection cleared in about two weeks. I’d had it four months and I believed I was going to die of it.


We’ve all heard the horror stories of people being turned purple (argyria) from use of colloidal silver. It is wise to use colloidal silver judiciously. Those people who suffer that condition generally used it quite liberally and made their own at home.


The smaller the silver particle in suspension, the less the likelihood of developing argyria. With Angstrom Silver, there is virtually no risk of developing it as long as it is used judiciously. It can be purchased here:


You should educate yourself about any silver product and use it with care.


Black Tea—My Integrative Medicine doctor suggested I use black tea bags (steeped and cooled) for my eye infections. She suggested I wipe the inside corners where the infection appeared with the bags. This did lessen the amount of exudate, and probably would work on a light infection. But mine was too strong for the tea.


Echinacea: “Several laboratory and animal studies suggest that echinacea contains active substances that enhance the activity of the immune system, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and have hormonal, antiviral, and antioxidant effects.” Echinacea can be purchased and used in many forms. It can be purchased at Puritan’s Pride, IHerb or at Mountain Rose Herbs


Goldenseal: “The active constituents in goldenseal include berberine, which has proven to be an effective broad spectrum antibiotic when extracted from the roots and leaves of the goldenseal plant.” The herb is good for eye problems.  “Use as a compress or wash.” It can be purchased at Mountain Rose Herbs.


Manuka Honey: “Manuka Honey has been researched by Dr. Peter Molan
Senior Lecturer, Biochemistry Department, Waikato University, New Zealand for over 20+ years. Dr. Molan found that manuka honey seems to naturally destroy staph aureus, streptococcus, h. pylori (helicobacter pylori) as well as MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staph Auereus and VRE (Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci).” It is used for wound healing in European hospitals. It also provides the best nasal moisturizer I have found. This site provides a wealth of information about Manuka Honey, and sells an excellent product:


I used Manuka Honey for the acinetobacter infection where it was on my throat. I coated my throat with it. I ate it on toast to get into my system. It is delicious, but too expensive to eat for pleasure. It was Manuka Honey that finally cleared two years of chronic eye infections. I put it in the inside corners of my eyes each morning. It burned, but stopped quickly. This seemed risky, but as I described above, nothing else was working. The infections were a known risk to my eyes. Even the infectious disease specialist whom I saw agreed I should use the honey. I was nearly a Typhoid Mary, at that point, getting one antibiotic-resistant infection after another. It took nearly two months of daily use, but the infections finally stopped coming.




4 Responses to “Infection”

  1. I wanted to share with you all a book I recently came across its called Out of Many Waters by Anita Hill. I was recommended it as I have had a history of health problems. This women shares her history and its one of the most extreme I have read or heard about she had 16 diseases and she became allergic to just about everything except water. The book then shares her journey and testimony of healing its truly incredibly! She is completely well now! I hope and pray this helps you all 🙂

  2. I too have been disfigured and my immune system shot from a surgery that I did not need and one that went wrong laproscopic gall bladder surgery, 6 holes and he missed going in the belly button. They intubated me hard and messed up my espophagas, and my nasal passeges. Could not breathe after surgery, vomiting, asked how I felt like I got run over by a truck. Not only is face all messed up, neck is swollen and Mid section is Shot like 5 bellys. 20 months after surgery finally someone says nose is broken, deviated septum, concha bulbosas.

    Rashes, Hair loss, sweats, chills, don’t think they used any antibiotic when I had the surgery. Over 2 years of hell I am going thru and still do not have any doctors taking care of me. Just had physical therapy 10 sessions and the exercises I do are so lame not like the active kayacker I was. I can’t even use I knife after I had the surgery think they cut my vagus nerve. I wish I did not fall for the antidepressants they gave maybe I could have been the one to get my shit in order and sue the bastards.

    All of my teeth are going bad and I can’t swallow or smile as the bones in my face hurt. Can’t get a deep breathe.

    I live in NJ and I am seeking help before this kills me. I am using the saline solution, and now putting coconut oil in. But I can’t even breathe thru mouth as the teeth have all cracks and air is sensitive to them. My dentist of 38 years does not want to treat as he says its an autoimmune disease.

    It is a massive infection that is getting into my bones. To have diabetes and now heart problems to boot. As they wanted to fatten me up with Protein Drinks and Shakes.

    I would share photos with other sufferers this is not a joke. Anyone have any recomendations. Trying to get to Mayo Clinic but they have not made a decision and the primary care doctors here due to my looks think it is just in my mind. Normal growing old process. Well I was a healthy 56 year old till this. My pressure and heart were fine. I was 125 lbs. Up to 140 all in the week area of stomach surgery.

    Also, rashes and dry externally being helped now with cocunut oil, but scars all showing from itchyness. I do have an antibiotic and a fungicide pill that was just prescribed by a holistic doctor due to high white blood cell count and white tongue which has been this way.

    Pain keeps me from sleeping but 4 hours I get out of exhaustion only to awaken to feeling like I am in the sahara dessert. My eyes are always glued shut. Just using regular wetting drops per eye doctor who wanted to put plugs in but I was afraid.

    I was never afraid before and I have lost a great position and more than I can reveal here.

    Anyone want to talk, please contact me. I want to by the book and I can’t find the site on lap top and my phone would not let me see the whole order form and error message. Thank you.

  3. azawakh,

    The resemblance between our stories is interesting. I had all those same infections following my unnecessary sinus surgery, the second 2 in my eyes. I too presented to the ENT with a history of autoimmune disorders and zero history of sinus complaints. (I saw him for ear ringing.) The opportunism and lack of conscience exhibited by our stories and similar ones is disturbing. It would be fairly predictable by even a lay person that extensive cutting of bone and mucosa out of our noses and from around our eyes would result in opportunistic infections.

    Worse, is the theme I hear repeated that people with chronic health problems and immune disorders are often the targets of surgeons looking to fatten their bank accounts. They surely know that these patients will not be helped and almost certainly will be harmed by invasive surgeries, but these patients are ripe for exploitation. They have often spent years seeking help for conditions that few doctors understand or know how to treat. They are ill, frustrated, and discouraged.

    I pray that enough of us will speak out about the crimes committed against us that, finally, NO ONE will tolerate this butchery to continue.

    I am sorry this happened to you and I wish you all the best.

  4. Following my turbinate reduction surgery I had acinetobacter, pseudomonas, and klebsiella in my sinuses.
    (Prior to my surgery I had already been diagnosed with a low IgA level and a low IgG3 level.) Unfortunately, the reason that I was murdered was because an all knowing immunologist decided that I did not have immune deficiencies, even though he had signed an order for me to receive IVIG, at the recommendation of an associate immunologist. After two treatments this demon, upon finally meeting me, decided that 1) the doctor that had been treating me for CDC positive Lyme disease had destroyed my immune system with antibiotics and 2) all I needed was sinus surgery.

    I don’t know what I was thinking. I stupidly believed this demon and went and had surgery. Following my turbinate reduction surgery I had acinetobacter, pseudomonas, and klebsiella in my sinuses. Additionally, I had denuded bone on the left side of my sinuses and black crusting and blood. I believe this was five months after my surgery. The ENT that discovered this was not the ENT that dealt the final blow to what remained of my former self.

    My teeth on the upper left side and lower left side are destroyed. My jaw joints are destroyed. I have had two joint replacements and need two more. I had arthritis, but in 1997, my orthopedic surgeon said I would need one knee replaced. I know when the butcher opened up my sinuses he opened up my vulnerable immune system and I lost the battle with the joints. My doctor who had treated me for Lyme has been the savior in the battle to keep me alive. At first, it was IV antibiotics, and finally I developed a low total IgG and all of the subclasses became low. Since 2006, she has kept me alive because I am now certainly eligible for gamma globulin. I have recently taken leave from my job and am filing for disability. All, the co-workers and bosses that talk about you behind your back while you spend your life fighting to stay alive, they finally got to me, their hatred, their strange looks. The pain that is in my face and in my mouth and in my gums and in my nose has taken its toll. I have to go now, perhaps I will write again, but it is too painful to put this into words…….and there is so much more. I share your pain. I was once so beautifully alive and engaged in life and so educated. For those that harmed me I wish them the same that I received. They would surely kill themselves.

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