The New ENT

December 18, 2007

December 18, I went to see a new ENT at a large teaching hospital. He said that I was raw and infected. He asked if the surgeon had done any cleaning or prescribed an antibiotic. I said he had not. He prescribed two antibiotics—Bactroban and Augmentin.

He looked at the surgery reports. He seemed upset when he saw that the surgeon had done a Caldwell-Luc. I later read that the Caldwell-Luc is an obsolete surgery, except in cases where all other sinus surgeries have failed. .

It can permanently destroy mucosa, and cause facial paralysis. Dr. S. had drilled large holes into the cheekbones of a 55-year-old woman in order to perform his unnecessary surgery. This is an age where women are rapidly losing bone, and often taking medications to preserve it.

Dr. F. gave me a NeilMed lavage bottle to use for my saline irrigations. He was unhappy that I had been using a bulb syringe. He said they cannot be cleaned properly and they harbor mold. I realized that I would be irrigating twice a day, now, for the rest of my life—me–a person who had never had a sinus problem in her life before this “medical” intervention.

2 Responses to “The New ENT”

  1. Yes, I had a cauldwell luc surgery in July 2013 and have nerve damage and pain from it. I have trigeminal neuralgia from this.All I had was a sinus infection which could have been treated by a second stronger antibiotic than ceflix. Or he could have done a laproscopic procedure. The Neurontin for the pain no longer works as well and will see a new Dr. to see what my options are. It’s terrible to feel like you have a tooth ache most of the time.

  2. Check out a new all natural treatment just introduced. My husband loves this stuff and is finally misery free after 20 years.

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