The Back Story

When I went to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor for ringing in my ear, I ended up with radical sinus surgery and a nose job. I was made a nasal cripple, my face and health were destroyed. I was shocked to discover that other doctors didn’t care. In fact, they covered it up. And I couldn’t even sue.

The back story is a continuous narrative, broken up into pages, roughly described by page titles.

3 Responses to “The Back Story”

  1. Horrible! I too had a bi-lateral Caldwell Luc for a deviated septum & polyp removal in 1998. Nearly cost me my life. I was actually hospitalized 3 times. The pain to my gums & teeth were unbearable. After seeing doc after doc, I came across one who decided to do a radical choice I requested. Pull 2 of my white, healthy front teeth. He did and ever since have had to wear a flipper. Pain never subsided completely & the sinus infections continue but it’s been bearable….until 2 days ago. I started feeling the familiar burning, squeezing, constant pain. I’m scared to death it’s coming back. I’m crying as I typing this, so afraid of “now what’s next”. Please pray for me that this is just a severe sinus infection. I don’t think I could do this all over again.

  2. Steephill, It is more rest and assurance than you can imagine. We all want to feel that our suffering serves some good purpose. K.

  3. While your story is horrific and traumatic, I commend you for sharing the information with those who would go searching glfor it. As someone who has been dealing with sinus issues for some months I have learned (too) much travesty from stories like yours. Rest assured, you have helped one life.

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