Scorpion: The True Story of a Woman’s Victimization by the Medical Industry

My book about my unnecessary turbinate reduction surgery resulting in Empty Nose Syndrome and my subsequent patient blacklisting is now available from Amazon Kindle.

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~ by ens3 on December 1, 2011.

12 Responses to “Scorpion: The True Story of a Woman’s Victimization by the Medical Industry”

  1. Thank you for writing this book! I, too, suffer from ens. I am hoping this will someday come out in paperback. I could relate to so much you have wrote. Good job and God bless!

    • Thank you for reading my book. I, too, hope it will someday come out in paperback. God bless you too.

  2. This is an excellent book! It depicts how the medical community can get away with anything. There are no checks and balances for this profession and complaints to medical boards are useless. A doctor can perform an unnecessary hideous surgery and mutilate his/her patient and instead of being prosecuted, they are rewarded monetarily. Thank you Kris for all your hard work to warn others and shed light upon this atrocity!

  3. “And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.” (Rev. 9:10)

  4. Good luck. ENT’s are a criminal conspiracy. Even Dr Houser toes the line when it comes to anything outside of ENS, and especially with regard to anything outside of the false, self serving, “standard” practices of the ENT Academy for chronic sinusitus. Houser did recommend to me the only ENT in the country who will meaningfully treat chronic sinusitus as an underlying autoimmune disease, Dr. Jordan Josephson in NY. For any chronic sinus condition not involving ENS, read “Sinus Relief Now” by Josephson. Every other ENT is a crook, criminal, and danger to humanity. I have already been blacklisted, a standard practice of these cowards, and am not an ENT, so I can call a spade a spade. Every ENT I have met, excepting Houser and Josephson , is a criminal, and a coward. Now, let’s get down to discussing Congress…..

    • Dr. Houser is doing the best he can without being run out of town.

      I am glad you posted the information about Dr. Josephson whom I had not heard of. This may be helpful information to many of my blog readers.

      Like you, I hope and pray that awareness will eventually lead to legislation helping to ensure patient safety.

  5. I posted this comment originally at GASF Yahoo Groups to alert some fellow sufferers about your e-book and blog. Good luck in your endevours and you can find me on FB.

    I am sorry she (you) had to endure what a lot of us have, but I am thrilled at the aspect that a patient with multiple health problems (many of which I suffer with myself), has managed to publish such an in-depth insight into the “underbelly of the beast”;being chronically ill in America, the convoluted labyrinth we are all being forced to traverse in the hopes of someday receiving a proper diagnosis and good, sound medical treatment.

  6. Cathy, Thanks again. I am sorry that you are also a casualty. I appreciate you posting links to my book. I hope that you will find more helpful information in the book. At least you will know that you are not alone.

  7. I can’t wait to read your book; your posts have been helpful to me in my crusade to get the medical help I need. Good luck with book! Are you doing any media/book signings shortly? will post at your site.

    • Cathy, Thank you for buying my book. I am glad my posts have been helpful to you. I do not yet have a print version of the book, so there will be no book signings for a while. It will be helpful to the book and to the cause of educating the public if you will post a review of the book once you have read it. Peace this holiday season.

      • I don’t own a website but in my conditions (Hemifacial Spasm, Fluoroquinolone Toxicity and Gadolinium Toxicity,see all my posts re; Scorpion, at Yahoo Groups) I have posted links at all 3 to your new book and hope that anyone there might benefit from your experiences. I’ve only read your few pages posted at Amazon for preview, I have to buy a prepaid card to purchase at Amazon; but am familiar with your ordeal thru WordPress. Looking forward to reading the entire “Scorpion” soon, Good Luck-as I said in poats at Yahoo groups, it could’ve been written by me ( I still may write one day myself if I could deign to get my head together!) I will be glad to post a review, you have been helpful and instrumental in educating me re: ENS, which Philly ENT’s claim doesn’t exist! Sad!
        Cathy Pogorzelski

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