How Much Is A Human Life Worth?

I was reading my own blog the other day, and I was struck by the absence of something. I hear that the writer is suffering a complex of painful symptoms caused by an unnecessary surgery and that the blog is also a protest about faults in the medical system. Detaching myself from the writing, I can easily imagine the writer airing her grievances over lunch with a friend.

Or is it just me? Because the writer is me?

I don’t see the rumpled bed I lie in day after day. I don’t feel the loneliness and isolation. I don’t grasp the shrieking exhaustion, the pain and confusion of facial bones and teeth displaced and a nose disintegrating. I don’t smell the necrosis. I don’t feel the heat and humidity and hopelessness.

I am acutely aware of my separateness from the mainstream today because recently I joined a women’s group. As I listened to each of the women sharing a bit of her life, I sensed the line of demarcation separating me from a normal life. There are no graduations, vacations, plays, musical events, retreats, get-togethers, or plans in my life. None of that “summer is so busy, you know.” I know. It means I have to keep getting up to close the window when another lawn mower starts up. The vicarious normality was a breath of fresh air. But now, I am more acutely aware of my isolation.

I am not sure who reads my blog. I know some of my readers have Empty Nose Syndrome. Some may be doctors. And some may be ENT’s. For these, I want to move the focus of the conversation away from a clinical viewpoint and onto the patient. A botched nasal surgery is not just a matter of dryness, paradoxical obstruction, overly patent airways, and missing turbinate tissue. Many doctors seem not to grasp the scope of disability caused by these physical indicators. A botched nasal surgery is also a matter of missing friends, family and life. It is a loss of pleasure, of activity, of engagement in life. It is a loss of everything human beings cherish: health, happiness, friendship, work, leisure, creativity and love.

In the past two and a half years, I have missed opportunities to visit family in states I have never seen. I have missed a graduation and a wedding. I miss most holidays as I am too sick to do much but lay in bed. Family and friends have retreated from my life as there is so little I am able to do and to give. Potential love interests beat an even quicker retreat once they hear about my life. I have even lost the pleasure of my own company which once was a feast of good books, healthy food, meditation and nature. Not even curling up in bed is a guilty pleasure. There is no pleasure. There is only pain.

Aggressive and unnecessary nasal surgeries are not just medical failures. They are living deaths to their victims. I have often said it would have been a blessing if I had died on the operating table. Any ENT who performs turbinate reductions or other aggressive nasal and sinus surgeries routinely sees the results in his or her office as well. We are not just a parade of damaged noses. We are a parade of damaged lives. It reaches beyond comprehension that doctors who have once brought this devastation, fear not to bring it again.

How much is a human life worth? Surely it is worth more than the fee for a turbinate reduction.


~ by ens3 on July 23, 2010.

15 Responses to “How Much Is A Human Life Worth?”

  1. Meliza, Maybe he meant to call himself “pathological” and couldn’t spell it.

  2. as an ENS , I cried while reading this because It’s remind me so much about my contidion right now. the first 2-3 years after my turbinates removed, in 2007, I was not that bad… still working and do couple things…. now, in 2014, after 7 years after my surgery, I hardly do just a couple things on my day praying the evening’s come to go to bed and rest! I don’t work or studies anymore because of the constent exhaustion!! brief, my story is so much similiar as yours! I have a big compassion for you and others ENS sufferred! This is a inhumain condition that we have to carry on day after day! same shit but different day as every day become the same! This site has become a balm to my soul as I don’t find any kind of understanding or compassion from doctors or others around me, except my parents. I had my turbinates removed on the 2/3 on both side of my nose without even notice It. My ENT told me, at this time that, he would only replacing up-straight my septum, as It was deviated, and reclose everything. When I had the resume of the procedure, I’ve seen the damage he done to me. When I met him explaining my feeling and pain, he even didn’t believe me told me that I have rhinosinusitis and I just have to do saline irrigation and cortisone spray twice a day, and this, for the rest of my life!!! I couldn’t believe him how much he scarpt my life like this with no compassion at all and acting like everything was normal to him…. anyway! I become worse and worse with my symptoms and as a Canadian, there is NO WAY of a cure or implant at all because I asked many GP and ENT and they all told me there is NO implant or other surgeries or ANYTHING to help on this case. So, I’ve been left on my own desperate and surviving with the feeling that I’ve been just put out of the medical system! they clean their dirty hands about It and this give me nausea! I don’t see any doctors anymore at this point as they do nothing about It and made me just wasting my time but also that, I don’t trust any of them anymore! the only doctors I’d like to see is Dr. Houser or Dr.Grossan but they are in U.S.A. It would cost me terribly expensive! to much to make It!!! So left hopeless and alone trap into my own body!

  3. ‘The pathologist’ ,responding to your blog, is obviously another arrogant, rude, smug ‘health care professional’ who does not understand when people are truly suffering physically, they will also manifest their pain psychologically. Now, add someone discounting how the injured feels and states that they are just ‘complaining’ about their situation and you will get someone who is very angry at the medical establishment at large and does not trust them. Doctors love to poo-poo patients and call them crazy when they are challenged. It makes them feel better. It was done to me also and it ticked me off. We are REAL people with REAL infirmities. Not liars looking for sympathy. We want the truth and competent doctors who truly care about their patients and want to help.

    • Absolutely, Judith. It appears that one of those who contributes to this epidemic of medical abuse and callousness towards its victims reared his ugly head on here.

    • Judith, you are just right! pfff! my GP even prescribed me anxiolytics believing that I have a serious panic and stress disorders… haaaaa! make me laugh! I through away his prescription right on in face telling him to don’t treat me as a mentally impair then, that was not IT my problems…. to work harder to consider my REAL condition in a better way. He got angry and showned me door! A proof of a lack of abillities for ENT & Doctors, to work on a serious damage cases….! the are just weak, lazy and scare to!

  4. I am the “doctor” who helped to alleviate my suffering. The directives I followed are outlined on this blog on “Pages” under “Healing.”

    My story is a witness to a crime that takes place everyday. If my story were not true, people would not continue to read it–people from approximately 80 countries, averaging 60 views a day.

    Truth will out.

    • I SUPPORT YOU ENS3!!!!! I’m so with you!!!! We are like an international community and we have to built strenght together to fight this!

  5. Your response is interesting. I don’t doubt your physical suffering, and if you do read, I did not claim this has not caused depression. If you did read, you would have noticed my suggestion at psychiatric intervention (assuming you don’t believe they are in on the conspiracy). I hope you thanked the doctor who helped alleviate your symptoms…
    Anecdotes can be entertaining, but it would be irresponsible of me to believe everything in this blog without evidence.

  6. I do not live in the US, however if you are claiming blacklisting, from my albeit limited understanding, you have the option to travel interstate for alternative consultation.
    Go and find an out of state ENT who recognises ENS, but before you do, if you have not already, consult with a psychiatric specialist to treat underlying depression and anxiety. Do yourself a favour and dont bring histrionics into the consult room. I won’t entertain any conspiracy laden ideas that every consultant in the US is in cahoots against you.
    As for shock upon receving criticism, constructive or otherwise, grow up and deal with it.

    • Your criticism is not constructive and I simply do not have to live with it. I do not have the option to go out of state and it wouldn’t make any difference if I did. As a lawyer to whom I spoke said, “A doctor from out of state is still a doctor. They all belong to the same club.” Most of these blogs were written years ago, and I am now in much better health. At the time of these writings, I could not breathe. I was clawing a casket lid every moment of my life due to this horrible surgery. If you think that does not cause anxiety and depression, get a life. Get a different profession. Sell shoes so that you will not do harm to patients with your condescending and ignorant attitude. Educate yourself. Read up on blacklisting. It is not against a certain person. It is against any iatrogenically injured patient. It crosses state lines. It has no boundaries.

  7. I have never read or heard from somebody complaining so much about every single doctor, receptionist, nurse and other health professional as you have. I would love to hear from the tresting consultsnts on this case.

    • I have had almost 48,000 views on this blog, plus an additional 20,000 views on an identical site that was up for one year. I have had over 250 comments on this blog. Yours is the FIRST critical comment ever to appear here. That is because my story is 100% true and it reflects the experience of other iatrogenically injured patients. We are treated with disrespect, dismissal and blacklisting by EVERYONE involved in our medical care. My readers have had my same experience. If you are indeed a pathologist, you know this is true or you are a liar.

    • hey! the pathologist, as you name yourself! don’t you have a real name anyway! you are all the same. thinking that you are GOD and thinking that you have the ultimate treatment or solution that you , actually, don’t have!!!! ens3 is not complainning!!!!!! I defend her as I suffer the same things! It is normal to not trusting anymore doctors after such a nasal crime, as I can call It! this site is to express ourself and help each other and not being judge and bitching by ignorants and arrogants ” specialists”!! If you are not happy about what is writing of this site, then, It is still your choice to get out of the site and go on your life, you know…

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