My Sinuses Are Falling Into My Teeth

I guess I didn’t believe her. The Maxillofacial Surgery resident ordered an x-ray. Then she put it up on the wall and showed me that my sinuses are falling into my teeth. This was several weeks ago. I left angry that I wasn’t given a full facial x-ray. The worst pain is in my cheekbones and temples. The right side of my face is caved in. I wasn’t interested in an x-ray of my teeth.

It took until today for this information to really sink in. My sinuses are falling into my teeth.

Two weeks ago, I was given a root canal of an upper premolar on the right side of my mouth. Afterwards, the pain woke me in the night. I called and was given a prescription for Vicodin. I was upset because, as anyone who reads my blog knows, I don’t need any more conditions requiring pain control. The roto-rooted tooth continued to ache for ten days. I have never had this experience with a root canal before. Does it have anything to do with my falling sinuses?

I was taking a walk just now and I was thinking about the assumptions I held before these surgeries were done to me in October 2007. I assumed that doctors knew what they were doing. I assumed they had a better understanding of the human body than I did.

Based on these assumptions, when an ENT told me he was going to remove some sinus polyps, I assumed I had nothing to fear. Because this was 2007, I pictured the ENT snaking a wire through a microscopic hole in my mouth into my sinus and snipping a polyp, using some form of guided imagery. I assumed that the anatomy of my nose and face would be carefully preserved. After all, this is only common sense. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that drilling giant holes into the facial bones of an asymptomatic patient is crazier than eating glass. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that cutting bone and mucosa out of a healthy nose is dumber than lopping off toes.

What I have learned is that you do have to be a doctor not to know these things. Who would ever have imagined?

I went to an ENT for tinnitus or ear ringing. I had never seen any doctor for any nasal or sinus problem in my life. At 55, I looked like a young woman. I had strong bone structure, smooth skin, a beautifully-shaped, healthy nose.  The ENT found polyps incidentally on a scan. He said he was going to remove them. He performed an aggressive and unnecessary septoplasty, an unnecessary Caldwell-Luc, and an unnecessary  turbinate reduction. He drilled tunnels through my sinuses.

Afterwards, I was in such horrific pain, I feared what this doctor had done to me. I calmed myself with the knowledge—excuse me, assumption—that he could not have caused me serious harm because there are laws and agencies in place to prevent doctors from harming patients. He would have surely been careful or he would be in trouble. He could be sued. Wrong, again. No other doctors will document that any wrong has been done. In fact, they will not document conditions caused by other doctors. They document that the patient is crazy or had these conditions before the surgery.  Being unable to collect damages is the least of your problems. You can’t even get a doctor to treat you. You may as well have leprosy if you’ve been harmed by a doctor.

I no longer have a functioning nose or sinuses. My nose is dry and miserable. I have frequent infections. My face has caved in, more on the right than on the left. My right eye droops. I am in unbearable pain. I have lost a three-tooth bridge and have had numerous root canals. My teeth hurt and they crash together. My face is destroyed. The cheekbones are gone. My face is asymmetrical. My nose is too short and too large for my shrunken face. I have had hundreds of doctor appointments since these surgeries, most of them useless because most doctors will not help me. Before the surgeries, I saw a doctor about three times a year.

This ENT redefined my life. I was applying to grad school when this happened. Now I live in bed next to a humidifier surrounded by nasal products. And my sinuses are falling into my teeth.

~ by ens3 on July 6, 2010.

8 Responses to “My Sinuses Are Falling Into My Teeth”

  1. Just browsing on phone – realize this is old as its 2017. Too long to repeat but have all agonizing pain and lost hope with very similar situation. 66 year female started 5 years ago – there is no hope. Lost job family soon home and a life. Just constant declining. Down from 152 pounds to 100 pounds. Have pleaded and begged God as there is 0 quality of life. He has not answered as heart continues to beat. I am not even a human being any longer – cannot be fixed. Anyone in need of a heart transplant – will donate for free!! God have mercy. No longer have Internet just getting by with old phone that is nearly done for.

    • ((((((Therese))))) I am so sorry to hear you are in such pain. I am almost the same age as you. I am going to say some prayers for you.

  2. I am sharing your agony. I am suffering with dry mouth, nasal passages and a mouth full OC painful teeth even though regular check ups and cleanings were done, hygenistbwent nuts and took all my enamel off broke teeth. Had 8 fillings redone bite is all off and face is swollen and Red with pain deep in tissues. I can. I longer eat air hurts teeth, nose painful shape changing. Also had call bladder surgery which did not heal. Pain hunching over constipation no more waist line. Biggest freakiest thing is loss of hair. No one wants to take the blame, lawyers say we have to prove it, other doctors dont want to get involved. I wish the lord will take me. I like you was a young vibrant 56 year old who looked 10 years younger. Now I am like I am 99. Doctors gave me antidepressants which just made problem worse. I don’t like to go out because people stare. Can hardly speak as the mouth is shifting so much. Teeth all rotten and they want to treat for Tmj? Rashes all over. Can’t kiss a grandchild as my face is like stone and always hanging down. Lips are swollen forward and dry when I talk they split and bleed. I am going to read more because I don’t know how to cope. Pain I all my joints neck and head and bones. I have skinny arms legs upper chest with all veins sticking out incl neck and face, with large extended belly that hangs under my lap, diabetes and heart disease. Low calcium osteoporosis ( I lost 4 inches of height ). Parathyroid gland swollen, does this mean more surgery? Cavitation on jaw I was told but gums receding and swollen. How do you cope. I feel like a marty as 0TC don’t work and the severe constipation does not make me a candidate for anything stronger. I have so much to live for but I am not living. Sleep like 4 hours as I have too much pain. Still sleeping in upright position since surgertu. Driness of nose happened after intubation and had short was of breath and mouth breathing since surgery. I had the doctors dentists and pharmaceuticals. I was referred to an ENT and he said go to an anti aging doctor. Dentist lied to me and said gums okay and translucent is normal and they are halos on teeth. Oh well let me know if you want to chat. No one understands and I lost a great job, my dignity, my family, my home.

  3. maybe all these doctors should be on a list so everyone can view them. They need to be stopped.

  4. man so sad after reading ur story……… life is cruel

  5. Do I understand that you have had a sinus surgery? Are you better off or worse since the surgery? Did the facial changes appear after the surgery? I would suspect the orbital cellulitis was caused by the surgery as injury to tissues surrounding the eye is a frequent cause. The cutting of tissues, i.e., surgery, is injury whether it is deemed medically appropriate or not. Are the sore throats, nausea and bleary vision symptoms that appeared after the surgery?

    Think very carefully before submitting to any more surgery.

    I am truly sorry for your situation. You are young and should be enjoying your life instead of being hampered by sinus issues at every turn. If your surgery was recent, I would encourage you to have hope. Three and half years since mine, I am just beginning to live again.

    My hope for you is that you will soon turn a corner and begin to heal. I wish you all the happiness you deserve.

  6. I really feel for you. I’m nearly 30 and have suffered since I was 23 with my sinuses. This year, I’m supposes to get married but my sinuses have gotten so much worse since (so I’ve been told by 3 separate doctors), an sinus operation which hasn’t been done properly
    So at the moment, I’m on 1000mg per day of cefalexin and erythromycin plus steroid nasal drops, sudofed, strong pain killers while trying to take vitamins and do nasal rinses. I’m back at the hospital tonight…again for results of my sinus scan and see what happens next
    My face has also completely changed shape as the left cheek looks caved in, the sinusitis went on to cause orbital cellulitis around the eye so it looks swollen and bruised. Constant coughs, sore throat, nausea and bleary vision. I wish I could just get my health back especially in time for my big day. Missing work, events and other things is bad enough but I don’t want to have to miss my own wedding 😦
    I really hope you get sorted as soon as possible x

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