Another Little Piece of my Face

So now I have lost the beautiful bridge I had made for the lower right side of my mouth a mere six months before Dr. S destroyed my nose and face with an unnecessary Caldwell-Luc, an unnecessary septoplasty, and an unnecessary turbinate reduction.  One of the anchor teeth became infected a year after the surgery. I knew the bridge was loose, but my dentist said it might be alright. It wasn’t. The dentist who had made the bridge tried to save it, but now it’s gone, along with the infected anchor tooth. The other anchor tooth cannot be saved, either. I can’t afford implants. I can’t even afford a prosthesis, and I don’t want one, anyway. I can’t imagine having a wire running beneath my tongue. I am already Frankenstein’s creation, my body unfit for habitation.  My nose is dried up and pulled up. My right cheekbone and right eye are crumpled and aching.

I have lost the structure of my nose, my eye and my cheekbones, so what’s a few teeth?

They are the last straw.

I’ve been battling infections, fevers, facial pain and facial collapse for the past four months. Every day since Christmas has been a challenge from beginning to end. I know this experience: The worst that can happen has happened. Every day you carry the broken pieces of your life down a deserted road.  Every night you rest. When the sun comes up, you pick up your load. Then one day, you stumble and fall, and you drop the load.

I wrote the above last night.

This morning, I got up and picked up my load.  I have to keep telling my story until it makes a difference. Otherwise, my loss has no meaning and no value. What happened to me should not be able to happen to any person. I went to an ENT for ear ringing and he performed three unnecessary surgeries. One was a Caldwell-Luc.

“The Caldwell Luc operation is also carried out on the maxillary sinus. It is more radical than the intranasal antrostomy. The sinus is opened by through a cut between the gum and the upper lip, above the canine tooth. A hole is chiselled or drilled through the cheek bone. The lining of the sinus is scraped out. A large intranasal antrostomy is also made. The Caldwell Luc operation was done for almost 100 years, and can give good results for severe chronic maxillary sinusitis. It can cause severe interference with nerves to the teeth and face. One third of patients having Caldwell Luc surgery will have permanent numbness. Many will have painful sensitive nerve endings in the teeth or face. Caldwell Luc surgery is rarely done nowadays, but still has its place occasionally.”

“The main complications associated with the Caldwell-Luc procedure include oroantral fistula (breakdown of the gum incision with communication between the mouth and sinus), rare osteomyelitis, infraorbital nerve injury with associated hypesthesia, injury to the tooth roots and tooth discoloration. When the mucous membrane of the antrum is totally removed, the sinus eventually regenerates nonciliated epithelium. It is unable to clear mucus as a normal ciliated sinus would. It is common for mucoid pus to occur postoperatively as the sinus is no longer able to clear itself of bacteria and mucus. Incomplete removal of mucous membrane may allow regrowth of ciliated mucous membrane and the reestablishment of normal mucus flow patterns.”

I had never been seen by any doctor for any nasal or sinus problem. I had never had a sinus infection or a breathing problem.

The following are comments  from doctors I have seen recently:

An ENT reading the surgery report: “Oh my gosh, he DID do a Caldwell-Luc!”

A dentist: “He did a Caldwell-Luc? You’re kidding me! For WHAT?”


A plastic surgeon: “He did A Caldwell-Luc! That’s a last resort!”

It is not alright that a doctor destroyed me. And that no one stood up and said, “This is wrong.”  But—THIS IS WRONG!  There needs to be accountability in the medical profession and currently, there is none.


~ by ens3 on April 20, 2010.

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